I recently bought a new camera and it has opened up some new creative avenues. I was mainly buying this camera to upgrade my video quality. But because of the photography capacities, I am hooked on taking photos!

The EOS M3 is a mirrorless camera. I had considered buying a DSLR such as the mini Canon 100D, but there are several features about this camera that really stood out to me. First, the EOS M3 has a 24 mp sensor, compared to its previous versions that were 18 mp. This means I am getting image quality that is comparable to a DSLR. I also like the tilting screen that can be flipped up fully for easy selfie photos.

The other obvious feature that appealed to me is the weight of the camera. The camera body is lightweight compared to a DSLR, and I wanted something that would be travel-friendly and something that I could just carry in my purse. The camera comes with a zoom lens that is 18-50 mm. I have also ordered the 22mm pancake lens, which will make this camera even more lightweight.

This camera has a port for an external microphone, which gives you more options if you are planning to use this camera for video making. I found that with an adapter, the Rode SmartLav mic can b used with this camera. I think this is a great option because this mic was originally designed for using with a smartphone, so this gives me even more options to work with in terms of mic use.

The only thing about this camera is that it’s not available in North America. I bought this camera from an Ebay seller from Taiwan. A bit of a hassle to source a seller, but I feel that it was worth it because I really enjoy using this camera, and that means I will actually get a lot of use out of it.