During Hurricane Irma, I was experiencing the most bizarre sensation. A humming in my left ear. It wasn’t just a low frequency sound. But it felt like a flutter in my ear. It would last for mere moments. But on some days, I counted that it occurred forty times through out the day and night. P told me this was an effect that HAARP was causing. If you do not know what HAARP is, I suggest you research it. In short, it is an energy weapon that can be used for geo-engineering, weather modification. It can create hurricanes and earthquakes using frequency.

Evidence of HAARP affected clouds on Sept 23, 2017.

I became worried. I had never experienced such an effect, as sensitive as I am. I felt like my energy was being suppressed. No amount of meditation was getting me anywhere, as I felt irritable and couldn’t concentrate or relax. I began to feel somewhat hopeless, that the use of this malevalent technology is going to hold back humanity from its full potential for awakening. In sadness, I asked P, “what are we gonna to do?”

I was pointed in the direction of researching 432 hz tuning, which I talked about in an earlier post. And I figured out how to tune my guitar using A=432 hz, which I also wrote about how to do it. The day I tuned my  guitar and started strumming, I started to feel good again. The resonance of the acoustics made the cells in my body dance. My body craves this sound. I had the feeling that I could really use this to heal. I felt relaxed. And my sleep pattern changed. Normally, I am an insomniac. I have been sleeping peacefully ever since, having vivd dreams.

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What I propose, is that the use of playing of 432 hz tuned instruments could not only be healing, but it could combat the effects of malevolent technology. There is something about it, and the proponents of it will say that it has to do with the harmonious relationship of the keys or strings when it is tuned this way. 432 tuning is based on the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. I have heard others say that it is the sound at the original point of creation. When you hear this sound, your body and soul reverts back to the originally intended “design”, causing your body to remember how it is supposed to function.

On another note, some people have talked about converting their favourite pop songs to 432 hz. The truth of the matter is, what they are talking about is not a true conversion. You have to understand what the 432 tuning is about, and what the software can and cannot achieve. People are using the software to pitch shift a song by 8 hz, moving the A note from 400 to 432. However, but what you must understand is that the differences between the notes in 440 and 432 tuning are anywhere from 0.3 to 144 hz. Pitch shifting by 8 hz is causing all notes to be shifted by 8 hz. All this is doing, is causing distortion to the original song.

While I do believe that Prince could have made some of his songs in 432 tuning (see forum post below). This is still yet to be confirmed (If you know which songs, please let me know). I tell you, I am going to listen to his music just the way as he crated it, regardless if it is 440 or whatever. I do not subscribe to the idea that somehow it is “unhealthy” to listen to songs tuned to 440. It may lack benefit, but I do not feel that it is not as destructive that it must be avoided, as some people are making it out to be. I will use the analogy of junk food to explain. Being health conscious doesn’t mean you never get to eat croissant ever again. It just means that you are aware of its lack of nutritional benefits, and therefore you make sure you eat nutritious food. So listen to whoever favourite music you want, whether it is 440 or not. But also get in some good vibes from some 432 as well.

From Prince.org, poster thinks some of Prince’s music might be tuned to 432 hz.

The whole point of why I am telling you about 432 hz, is so that you may use it as a tool for healing, to revive yourself when other forces are working against you. Even if you don’t know how to play any songs, just strum or play the keys. There is nothing quite like the vibrations coming from an instrument tuned to 432, the frequency waves dancing through your body is an extraordinary feeling.

Image above: “My guitar” by Prince in spirit.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.