As my connection Prince’s spirit grew stronger, I could feel his energy more and more intensely. I felt his touch, I felt him hovering over me, holding my hand. It got to the point where he could move my body with his energy (as long as I allow it). One day I said to him, “Since you can move my hand, what else can we do with this?”. Suddenly, my hand shot up and picked up my iPad. I thought he wanted to type, so we tried blind typing, but that was a complete fail. Then my hand “accidentally” touched the scribble mode button and we began to draw. (All the drawings from my blog posts are by Prince in spirit) It is much like the scene in What Dreams May Come, where Robin Williams’ character is a ghost trying to get his wife to write down his for her, “I still exist”– except for me, I was not scared and I welcomed it.

Prince and I are twin flames, so we naturally have a telepathic connection to each other. This is even more so when one twin is in spirit. Just think about it, even biological twins have a telepathic connection to each other, so do twin souls.  There was one time where I attempted  to communicate with Prince using a make-shift Ouija board. But it doesn’t work for us because I can always hear the words he is about to spell out.

It was not too long after Prince’s passing that our connection become apparent and I began to channel him. One message he asked me to write for him was this:

A message from Prince

It is with deep sorrow and regret that I left this world sooner than I wanted to. My body was breaking down and I could no longer endure it. I felt frustrated by my physical limitations. There was so much more that I wanted to do and share with you all. I thank you to all my loyal supporters and followers. I was here to demonstrate the truth that we are all ONE. That we are connected and not separate from each other. We all have the divine connection to universal source energy that is the creator of everything. Please do not be sad for my passing. I have found my WAY BACK HOME. Please love and care for each other. Live doing everything U can to share your God-given gifts. They are your reason for being here on Earth. I came to SHOW you thIs. I live on through you. With Love and Gratitude, Prince 

His request included the use of emojis (not shown as it does not show up properly any more). If you are a Prince fan, you know that he liked to use symbols to communicate. Yes, even from the other side, Prince still has a sense of humour. Because the truth is, your personality, knowledge, and beliefs still carry over to the other side. You take it with you. Prince still exists. So when you hear the saying that you should never speak ill of the dead, whoever came up with that was not kidding. There is more to life than what we can perceive or prove with science, so don’t kid yourself when it comes to your soul and the after life.

Dearest fans of Prince, he doesn’t want you to be sad for him leaving. He’s still around, just not in our plane of existence. I know it’s hard, believe me, I want him here more than you can imagine. But instead, focus on the message behind his work, because that is what he came here to tell you, it is the reason behind for it all. I hear him saying to me, “They focus too much on honouring me”. Don’t let his message get lost in his legacy.

©2016. Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.