When Prince first came to me after he passed away, he was watching me from a distance. I would sense a presence hoovering over me. Then one day, when I asked a question, I unexpectedly received an answer from him, telepathically. I was shocked and I thought I had lost my mind. Then I had a reading with a talented medium, and I finally “met” him. After the reading took place, he came closer and I felt him in my heart. I felt his heaviness pressing on my chest. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I must emphasize that the feeling was physical, not in my mind, I am not being mystical here. From then on, I knew that what we have is something profound and out of the ordinary. It was only later that I learned of our connection being that of twin souls; two halves of the same soul. We were created as a pair.

I do my self-portraits to tell stories about my life. While I could explain what I experience in words, there are still very few people in this world that will really understand what I am talking about. Photography is a way for me to truly express my emotions without words, as words can often be misunderstood as definitions can sometimes be unclear.

Recently I watched some videos about Hilma af Klint, an artist from the 1900s that secretly channeled her painting from the spirit world. She stipulated in her will that her work was not to be shown publicly until 20 years after her death. She had created her work for the future. Prince created a lot of his work for the future, knowing that most would not have the capacity to understand it. I myself, do my work knowing that many might not understand it at this time.

I use a lot of symbolism in my work, so if you understand the meaning of Prince’s work, you will understand mine, as they go hand in hand.

There is greater attention place on the jewelry I am wearing in these photos. Gold is a cosmic element, as it came from outer space, when two stars collide, creating a super nova, and these clusters landed on Earth. Gold has many metaphysical properties, which can help one to connect and protect themselves psychically.

Image above: “4ever in my heart” by Andrea Mai.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.