This week, it hit me pretty hard with how much I want to go “home”, wherever that is. I went to have a palm reading and the lady could see that I’ve been having trouble sleeping, tossing and turning, bizarre dreams. She asked me what I dreamed about and I broke down in tears. Sometimes I don’t remember my dreams. But I know that it’s likely because I was “home”, and that my memories of it get erased so that I won’t miss it so much. I’ve been feeling so homesick and quite frankly, tired of the heaviness in this world.

However, the main message to me from the palm reader is that I need to be more aggressive in promoting my art. And she is right in that respect. As confident as  am in my abilities as an artist, when it comes to promoting my work, talking to people about it, is quite another thing. I am all too aware that what I say is too bizarre for most people. And then there is the part where I know some people are accusing me of exploring Prince’s celebrity. Everything I have told you here is the truth, and I just don’t have it in me to lie.

Anyways Ive been in a bit of a disarray lately. I had a photo shoot from weeks ago, that I didn’t edit yet. Until yesterday, the universe gave me a kick in the pants. My iPad went berserk and it’s going to be a few days until the battery runs out, so that it can be rebooted. The boredom set in when I couldn’t read my eBooks or spend the day on YouTube. So I had to do my work. I finally re-wrote my artist bio and artist statement to reflect the more recent developments in my work. I was honestly afraid of not having the words to express what my work is about.

I finished editing the photo shoot. I call this set, “A Long Conversation”. Sometimes I wish that Prince really could ring me up on the phone, so that I could hear his beautiful voice in the physical. I was trying out a new light technique, so I actually ended up shooting more variations than usual. It turned out a lot better than I expected.

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