This is kind of a serious post. I feel I need to talk about it, because I see videos coming up on my YouTube feed, people claiming to be doing a psychic reading, being in contact with Prince. I have, in the past, looked at such videos but now I do not. I have been advised not to. Mainly because I must be selective of what I encounter. But anyways I can already tune into the energy to tell if it is genuine or not. I would advise, that everyone must learn to become discerning of information they come across. Not only with logic and rationality, but with reading other people’s intention, using your heart centre to see. You must see beyond face value.

I want to address how important it is, when you have any kind of psychic ability, that you do not abuse it. These gifts come naturally as you develop yourself spiritually. And that, I would say is the way it should be. However, it is possible to develop psychic ability without being spiritual. The trouble with this is that without spiritual development, one can be more susceptible to abuse their abilities. Without the spiritual foundation, one becomes tempted to use their abilities like party tricks for showing off and other self-serving purposes. As cliche as it sounds, with great power, comes great responsibility.

I learned some very important lesson after I had begun my practice as a Numerologist. I would travel to the West Coast to attend marketing conferences. These conference hosts presented themselves to be of having spiritual values. They talked about using intuition and giving back to society. They had the lingo, they used the right words to attract people like myself, to attend these events. However, I would soon learn that the aim behind these events was to sell their over-hyped business coaching programs. There wasn’t any obligation to buy, but I could see the pressure tactics they used to pressure clients into the sale.

Though I would not say that I gained from the conference itself, I gained valuable experiences and made new friends. At one of these conference, I learned something very valuable that has changed the way I view doing business. Perhaps it has made me less successful from a monetary point of view, but I am successful in that I know that I am fully aligned with integrity in how I conduct myself. I had a friend come with me to this event. I had not known her for very long, but I invited her to come because I thought she would benefit from it. During this trip, I learned more of her personal history. We would hang out in the hotel lobby and chat in the mornings before the conference. One morning, a woman walked into the lobby and my friend jumped up to greet her. It turned out to be someone from her past. Completely unexpected. I was even shocked because it was someone that she mentioned to me about, and her story about this woman was not positive. It turned out that this woman had pressured my friend into buying into a $6000 coaching program with her several years ago. My friend, very young at the time, had no funds for this, so this woman convinced her to acquire a credit car to pay for the program. Years later, my friend was still struggling to pay off her credit card debt from this. I felt so disgusted by this story, that I never looked at doing sales the same way again. As someone who provides services of a spiritual nature, I feel it is incredibly important to conduct the entire process with integrity to the fullest extent. This includes being cautious of not infringing on the free will of others. I will never use fear or greed to convince a client that they must buy something from me. I tell people honestly if I think they really need my services, and allow them to choose freely. Manipulating other people’s emotions is an infringement of free will, and I don’t think people understand that. I hear coaches who use such tactics, justifying their actions, that this is the only way they could get the person to sign on, so that they could help them. I don’t attach myself to outcomes. I don’t chase clients.

I have seen how those that claim spiritual values in their business, but act differently from these values. I have seen how such people eventually get publicly  exposed for what kind of people they truly are. You can say that karma has a way of delivering  justice in the end.

It is these same principles that apply with psychic gifts and channeling. If you are channeling  the teachings of higher spiritual values, you better be following these teachings. Otherwise you are better off doing nothing with your gifts. When you are not aligned with what you are telling people, when you are not demonstrating the teachings of which you share, you will eventually be met with negative greetings from the universe.

The issue with channeling, and it is of great concern, is that having such abilities can also open you up to negative entities channeling to you. They may disguise themselves as positive entities, claiming to be someone they are not. I’m being very honest here, that channeling is not something to be taken lightly. You shouldn’t go around trying to contact entities that are not spiritually connected to you. I see people doing this, poking around in other people’s business, simply out of curiosity. I would say, that perhaps they do get an answer, but not from who they think it is. Disinformation is a tactic used by negative entities to create confusion and prevent truth from being realized.

When I realized that I was channeling Prince, my twin soul, and I realized that I had this ability, I declared to him, that I only wanted to channel himself or my spirit guides. Any other entities would have to go through them for approval to connect with me. I did not want to become an open chat line for the other side. It is very important to be aware of what you allow in your life, as free will is what this planet operates on.

Sometimes people want to accuse me of being a liar, that somehow what I am doing here is for personal gain. I can only say to this, that I would never dare. If you understand spiritual principles, you understand the consequences of such actions. I have Saturn in my 3rd House, If you know Astrology, you know by this, how cautious I am of what I say. You can see for yourself what I am about, by what I write and the information I present, I don’t mess around or play games.

Image above: “Vortex” by Prince in spirit.

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