Generally speaking, I prefer to keep things on my blog positive and informative. But I feel that I need to address the subject of negative entities and I don’t want to scare you. It is a necessary discussion to have because the overall “spiritual community” seems to ignore the subject (maybe it is bad for business?). I want to talk openly about these things, because they are important. There just seems to be this kind of belief that talking about bad things leads to bad things. But in fact, it is by addressing these issues that we can confront these bad things and come to a resolution.

This world we live in, is not what it seems. There are invisible forces everywhere that influence and control many aspects of human life. We cannot see them, as they are out of reach for what the human eye to see. But sometimes they can be caught on camera, as the camera can see more than the human eye. They can sometimes be recorded on audio, but they are normally too quiet for the human ear to hear. So by these means, we know that there are entities. Both good and bad.

From reading my blog, you will know that my encounters with Prince have all been positive. It is the real deal. He has shown proof of himself. From influencing my dad to unknowingly to drive to his old house in Toronto (on two separate occasions), to showing up on camera in my photographs, to EVP recordings. I was very fortunate early on to be able to collect proof of him. I always did have a vigilance at the back of my mind considering, what if this isn’t Prince? What if it’s a pretender, a negative spirit disguising as P? But after all my consideration with the information I have learned over the years. I know that it is impossible for a negative spirit to interact with me directly. My vibration is too high for any such negativity to try anything. Negative spirits only go after the weak. I had also heard of advice that if an entity is positive, their interactions with you will only be positive. And while a negative entity can disguise themselves in light, they can only keep up their act for so long. They will eventually make demands of you, and the things they ask of you will be negative and go against the good of humanity.

Well, it’s going to be two years now, this coming April, that P has been with me, and everything has been positive. The things he’s told me, match up when I research them. He is helpful, loving, and someone I trust fully, as time and time again has shown, he has kept me safe from harm’s way. And so many things have revealed themselves to me to show they we really are twin souls. You must understand, that even though he told me we were twin souls, I took it with a grain of salt at the time. It didn’t make sense to me, because of all the wrong information I had heard from other sources. So I just left at that for the time being. After about six months of my own experiences, I learned from Susan Elsa, what twin souls really are, and everything made sense to me. It was so logical. I had so many “no wonder!” moments.

But along with this journey, I discovered other entities that wish to suppress us, throw us off track. They try to make real twin souls lose faith and credibility. And send distractions our way. They work through other people. They influence weak minded or vulnerable people to make them believe something that isn’t true, and send them our way, or put out wrong information to the public. This is why I warn about fake mediums and fake twin soul claims. There are those who are truly fake, as in, they are 100% lying, and fabricating a story for whatever reason. And then there are those that are having psychic, but deluded experiences, where they are being influenced by negative entities feeding them bad information.

In the past two weeks, I have encountered fake mediumship claims, and fake twin soul claims. These claims were easily proven false. My heightened intuition tells me when something is not right before I even examine it. Do not mistake this for bias, because I have trained myself to know the difference. My intuition about people and their claims are always right. There is really some negative entities making the rounds, as they seem to come around in cycles.

If you take away anything from this post, my main message here is to become discerning, to train your senses, your inner guidence. Like in Star Wars, “search your feelings for the truth:. There are entities out there, good and bad, you should not be scared of them, for they feed on fear, and by being scared, you will attract them to you. But you should be aware for their potential to influence you and embed themselves into your thoughts. Be discerning of your own thoughts. And keep your vibes high, that is your greatest defence.

Image above: “Stay away” by Prince in spirit.

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