After all my studies of quantum physics theory and metaphysics, I came to the conclusion that the greatest scientific discoveries would stem from somewhere in between conventional science and occult magic. The truth about how the world operates has been hidden from the general population for so long. Science, religion, faith, alchemy, magic; they are really of the same realm. They are not that different from each other. It’s just that the subjects have been separated so that you could not recognize the con game of what this world is really like.

I’ve heard about people whose faith shifts from one extreme to another, from woo woo spiritual faith to fundamental Christianity; condemning everything that is supernatural as “evil”. The truth about someone like this, is that their faith was not based on anything substantial but pure belief.

Some people might be surprised to know that my faith is based on scientific research. My beliefs were formed based on imperial evidence coming from my own experiences, psychic intuition, studies in quantum science, metaphysics, and world religion. My faith is steadfast because I know what I believe is so true that it should seem like common sense.The other aspect of my faith is that I am very open minded in considering new ideas, but it does not mean that I am naive to believe in just anything. I question everything until it all makes sense.

Because when something is true, it all makes sense, the pieces simply fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Things are only confusing because you’ve been lied to.

Faith is something that is quite rare in today’s society. Though there may be many who attend church or proclaim a religion, they do not truly believe what they claim. Because if they did, their actions would be different. Their total outlook on life and the entire world would be different. Rather than being told what they should believe, they would seek the answer for themselves.

The biggest thing that I believe holds you down from discovering truth is that you’ve allowed others to tell you what is and isn’t possible, instead of exploring it for yourself.

Even among the scientific community, there are secret battles between scientists and the establishment about what they can an cannot study or reveal to the public. If these controls were not there, I can tell you with certainty that we would have free energy openly available right now.

Image above: “Faith” by Prince in spirit.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.