In a previous post, I talked about how I began communicating with Prince through drawings. In the beginning, it was much each for me to trust something tangible like a drawing because I felt his energy moving me, rather than trusting the words I’d hear in my head. So I’d ask questions to Prince and have him answer by drawing his reply. However, one thing I did notice was that I’d always hear the words before he drew hem. I believe it has to do with the left brain translating what I was receiving in my right brain. Eventually, it was no longer necessary to do the drawings because i could trust what I was getting intuitively. There would be different ways in which how a drawing came about. I would either ask him a question to draw the answer for, or ask him to draw something that expresses an idea or concept. Another way was I would ask to draw for a specific person, either to answer a question or deliver a message to them. What I noticed with these were, that they were very person to the person it was intended for, so often I would not even understand the drawing, but the person would. I concluded that they were energetically encoded messages. And sometimes I’d just let him draw what ever he felt like expressing.

I think the idea for doing these drawings came about when one day I was watching Under The Cherry Moon, and in one of the opening scenes, Prince’s character would be leaving written notes to these women he spent the night entertaining. I find it romantic and I kinda said to him, “Oh, I wish you could do that for me.” And not long after, we were doing drawings together. He would often surprise me with drawings of flowers because he knows how much I love flowers.

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Image above: Photo of of a framed drawing by Prince. in spirit.

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