Alain de Botton is a contemporary philosopher that recently released a book called Art As Therapy. He says that Art has many roles to play our everyday lives and it has seven distinct purposes. One of them is to help us remember things, because as humans, we are forgetful. Art acts as a reminder for us. One of the most popular postcards sold in museum gift shops is Claude Monet’s Waterlilies. Apparently, this is disturbing to sophisticated art tastemakers. Flowers are viewed as frou-frou, not serious by the art world. According to Botton, the popularity of such artworks is an indicator that people look for art to remind them of hope. Hanging  beautiful artwork on your walls can brighten your mood when things don’t feel so great. Flowers, though seemingly frivolous is what offers hope and inspiration in a not-so-nice world.

Botton also talks about how Art is used to bottle something, a feeling, a thought, a concept. I definitely feel like I am bottling the essence of flowers in my photography. Flowers are so fleeting, just like life’s beautiful  moments.

If you would like to learn more about Art As Therapy, check out Alain De Botton’s video on it.