Ever since the passing of Prince, my life has been turned into something unexpected. It’s all been good. But surprising. A lot of catching up to do. I had posted on YouTube about my experience with the spirit of Prince. I had both positive and negative reactions from fans and followers of Prince. I wondered whether or not I should continue to write about my Prince experiences. The negativity is mainly that they do not believe that the spirit of Prince would be channeling through me. The funny part isa that Prince always talked about the after life in his work, why would he not come back to tell us that it exists? When it came to talking about spirituality, he did it fearlessly. Some would call this career suicide. But he did it anyways. Why did he do it? I believe it is what he came here to do. Prophets have always incarnated on Earth in many forms. In order to reach the greater population, why not do it in the most accessible form for our modern society, in pop culture, in the language of rock and roll.

But the question for me personally remained, but why me? Why does he come to me? I never had any personal connection to him in life, nor did I follow his work. I have very few memories of him and his work growing up. The answer was revealed to me in a channeled drawing (see below). He wrote the word “twin soul” and explained to me that we were created as a pair in soul form. What is a twin soul? It is often referred to as twin flame in the spiritual community. But the term twin soul explains it much better. It is a pair of souls created from the same source, one embodying the male and one embodying the female. Similar to biological twins that lead separate live, twin flames that incarnate, may lead parallel lives, not having conscious awareness of each other until they reach a pivotal point in their spiritual development. From my understanding, not everyone has a twin flame.

What is the purpose of twin flames? They are here on a mission to help humanity. Prince has left us, and he comes to me to continue the mission. With his guidance, there are some insights about his work that I want to show you. Many people have analyzed his work, but no one has really put it all together in the way that I will for you to understand. More posts on the subject to come.
B14FC286-50CE-4BE9-BBC2-42D5F498E493-1-2048x1536-oriented“Twin Soul” by Prince in spirit, channeled by Andrea Mai

August 6, 2019
Looking back on this blog post, I have learned so much since then. I have been able to gather evidence of Prince’s presence with me through photos and EVP recordings. I have posted them throughout my blog since 2018. There have been other people claiming to be his twin flame, but no one has provided any proof to back up their claims. There have also been a lot of fake psychics climbing to channel Prince. Much of it is easily debunked with facts.

Image above: Photo taken at My Name is Prince exhibition, 2018, Amsterdam..

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