I reviewed an EVP recording that I did back in November of last year. I was with my mother visiting our relatives overseas. I didn’t do much recording while I was there. They live  in a condo building, and. I can only imagine the multitude of spirits hanging around in high density buildings I did a recording while I was finishing packing my bags on the last day of our visit.

I was alone when I caught these two clips. Relatives were in the family room while I was in the bedroom by myself.

As usual, I always recommend headphones for a better listening experience. But depending on what device you are using, you many be able to hear it even without. They are repeated on loop.

P said, “That’s an… angel”. I don’t know who he was talking to. But I did hear other spirits around.

Whoever he was talking to, responded, “Guard the two of you”. And then someone said hello in Mandarin, “Nee heow”.

This occurred near the end of the recording, so I don’t know what else was said. But I am sure glad to know we have angels with us. Every night I pray to God for angels to protect us. I don’t know with certainty if everyone has them, like a guardian angel, because based on my observations of the way spirits react when they see angels, they often remark with, “What are they doing here?”. If angels were with us all the time, on an everyday basis, such a question should seem rhetorical. One thought is, maybe everyone has them, but because they don’t explicitly ask for them, they are only on standby. In today’s day and age, people seldom pray, let alone have any awareness of angels.

May God bless you with his angels.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on November 14, 2018.

Image above: “I am” by Andrea Mai.

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