I really do believe that some of the answers to the world’s biggest problems are “stupid simple”. As a society, we dare not believe that simple things can affect change, because we’ve been conditioned to believe that only the highly educated have answers, and that only something that is complicated and has been academically studied can be effective.

When I started to think about solutions for the “frequency war“, I came to the conclusion that what the dark Elite have done is; they have studied the affects of frequency on humans and they have found a way to project these frequencies over large areas of the population. This results in a lower vibration of the general population, minimizing their chances of awakening to their spiritual powers. If this is the case, then surely, the antidote to bad vibes must be good vibes, just like how the answer to neutralizing acidity is its opposite counterpart of alkalinity. All we must do is project these good vibes into the ethers.

My studies in metaphysics has taught me that architectural structures, such as the pyramids, can have an amplifying affect on energy. Russian scientific studies of the pyramid structure has shown that it can balance out the earth’s energies, have a healing effect on living things, plants grow more fruitfully, neutralize poison, and energy can be amplified. There are photos where beams of energy have been shown to be beaming up from pyramids.

Mayan pyramid. Fair use, for educational purposes only.

And in a video I watched about a laser facility built in California, it was shown that they were using a large crystal pyramid in the construction of their apparatus. This proves that pyramids are an effective amplifier for projecting energy.

Screenshot from this video. Fair use, for educational purposes only.

One thing I noticed when I first learned about Prince’s Paisley Park was the use of pyramids on the roof top. I think these pyramid structures boosted his energy and creativity. I made a video talking about it at the time.

Paisley Park pyramids. Fair use, for educational purposes only.

So of course, some of my first thoughts about how we can boost positive energy in the world was to construct a giant pyramid and blast positive energy from it using 432 hz music. But who would fund such a huge project? My next thought was, there are already structures around the world that have this amplifying effect. We can use those existing buildings strategically. Architectural forms such as amphitheatres, domes, obelisks,  towers, steeples, pillars and pyramids, all have an amplifying effect. I remember Prince saying that he loved to perform on a circular stage because it have everyone a good view, but also the energy was greatly elevated. The original intent of the design for church steeples is said to amplify the energy coming from church goers. Unfortunately, in some churches, the energy being amplified is of fear and negativity. If we can shift our energy positively and strategically amplify this energy, imagine what we can do as a whole. I would suggest that churches retune their pianos to A=432. If they do that, they may find their church attendance increased because the music is so much more enjoyable.

Imagine concerts played to the tune of 432 in a church or amphitheatre, buskers playing 432 at a tower such as the Eiffel Tower or an obelisk such as the Washington Monument. These same structures are used against us to broadcast negative vibes by the dark Elite, we can use it just as well for positive vibes.

Image above: “Paisley Park” by Prince in spirit.

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