Landscape Photography

HEAVEN ON EARTH is a series based on the idea that Earth can be a beautiful paradise, if one can appreciate its natural beauty. With this collection, I hope to inspire its viewers to take time to enjoy the world’s natural wonders that are all around them.

Conservation of our natural environment is vital for the survival of humanity and its all living creatures on Earth. I believe that we are living in times where there is a disconnect between humans and nature. It is crucial that we return to nature and rediscover that all consciousness on this planet is interconnected.

Nature is magical and mystical. When one connects with nature, one realizes what a miracle life is.

Andrea Mai

The artist would like to thank OAC for exhibition funding


Flower Photography

LOVE BOMB represents the explosion of love energy that comes from my heart. My wish is to emanate this energy throughout the world by passing it on to you. I created Love Bomb to seduce the senses, soothe the soul, and as a reminder to all of the beauty that there is in this world and in your heart. Allow yourself to bathe in the explosion of love energy that radiates from nature. It is all that you need to remember who you are and what you came here for in the human experience.

As an artist, I believe that we create our own realities through our thoughts and attitudes. We project our emotions into physical forms as artistic creations. These creations continue to project its energies into human consciousness like a virus. Therefore, I feel that artists have a responsibility in the world to create artworks that express the pure love and joy that emanates from the ultimate creator of all things.

The word inspire, when broken down, means to fill yourself with spirit. The prefix in means “in”, and the suffix spite means “breathe”. The Latin word for spirit is spiritus, meaning breath or wind. I choose to work in spirit with our creator.

The energy of God is that of pure love, for it is the source of all creation. This is the energy that elevates all of humanity and unites us in peace and harmony, raising the consciousness of the planet.

Andrea Mai


Twin Soul Art

IN MY DREAMS is a series of self-portraits that depicts my mystical relationship with Prince. It is an exploration of self-identity, self-expression, and spirituality. Inspired by the language of dreams, I have used symbolism in my photographs to hint at the stories and secrets we share together.

Each photograph features a projected image of the Late Prince Rogers Nelson. The projections are created using Photoshop to combine a press photo of Prince with one of my own original images, the image is then projected using a state of the art digital projector. Innovative lighting techniques are utilized to light each scene.

The process of creating each image is truly a collaboration between myself and Prince in spirit, who often times communicates ideas to me in telepathic conversation. My stylistic influences for this body of work comes from Surrealism and Film Noire.

Andrea Mai

Prints of my work are available as limited edition prints. To inquire about pricing and availibility of artworks, click the button below to send me an email message about the item you are interested in.


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