It’s been over a year since Prince’s passing, and I have learned so much about death and the afterlife. All the concepts that I’ve ever been taught about death have been seriously challenged, and I no longer see it as something to be afraid of. As far as I am concerned, we live in a matrix within a matrix. The afterlife is still a mystery, even to those on the other side. But I have never been afraid of challenging ideas, or changing my mind when presented with substantial evidence.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

I know so many of you out there adore Prince, and the pain you still feel about his death. I can assure you, he does not want you to be sad, or grieving over him. He is quite happy where he is now, but it still bothers him that you feel sad. He finds it upsetting that there are those of you who are still looking for someone to blame for his death. We see the conspiracy videos and false rumours on the Internet. He hates this kind of thing going around about him like that. I know some of you do it from a “place of love”, while others make click-bait for views. Either way, please respect him.

Focus not on his death, but learn the message that is behind his music. That is what he has always desired as a musician. It was never about creating a “legacy”, or reaching high status.

If there was anything that he tried to teach you in his music, it is that everything is energy. “Always cry for love, never cry for pain.” Your mind is powerful, it is what moves mountains. How you feel is what manifests in your reality. You must think responsibly, it is your power to do so. Be discerning of what media that you consume. Negative thoughts should be acknowledged, but not entertained, for they will grow like parasites.

In the afterworld, there are no boundaries that separate our thoughts from those on the other side. They can feel you energetically. There is no time and distance that keeps us apart. He feels your suffering, he knows you still cry about him. It drains on him energetically.

Please know that he is a powerful being on the other side, as much as he was when he was here with us. He has the ability to influence matters in our so-called “real world”, and that things are going as he wishes them to be, even though to you, they may not appear to be. Anything that is not yet set right, will be.

Image above: “Love” by Prince in spirit.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.