Years ago, around 2013, I had a strange experience. It was between waking and REM state, I felt a man’s energetic presence floating over me. I felt the energy pushing against my body and then sinking into me as though we were merging. I remember only feeling love, so I did not feel scared of what was happening to me. However I did not know who it was. I saw in my mind’s eye that it was a man with a slim build, a smaller stature. It was not any of my exes, I had always dated guys much taller than me. It was not anyone I knew. I just let it be and eventually feel asleep as the energy joined with mine. It is now that I realize that it was Prince having an out of body experience visiting me. I will never forget it. It was the most bizarre and mystical experience I ever had.

Looking back on all this, I suppose it was in the plan that I never notice Prince until the right time had come. I know I would have enjoyed his style of music. Just like how I am still finding new insights in my astrology chart that I have never seen before (but it was always there), I feel like certain veils are lifted so that we can see when the time is appropriate for us to do so. Although, of course I wish I had the opportunity to have met Prince in person, I think it would have felt too devastating for me after his death.

It turns out that there’s more to the story. Read Part 2 here. 

Image above: “Self-portrait with Prince” by Andrea Mai.

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