Last week when I was at the conservatory taking photos of the chrysanthemums, I also saw these beautiful goldfish in the pond. I was quite amazed at how big they were. They swam quite quickly, so it wasn’t easy to get good shots of them. This reminds me of the saying about being a “big fish in a small pond”.

The phrase is often used to describe people who are content to have power over a small area of influence. I think it’s a very interesting concept to consider. Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond? In my experience, I’ve encountered such people that I would consider big fish in a small pond.  Their power and influence is unquestionably strong amongst their “tribe” of followers, that they have cult-like status. Their followers will listen to whatever they have to say, and follow them without question. My advice is to be weary of such people, because often times, these people may be deluded about their abilities and power to do what they say they can. Question their motives, and what they say. How sincere or genuine are they? Trust your intuition about the people you meet. You will be surprised how keen your instincts are about these people as you get to know them better. You might ignore your doubts about people because you think your first impression of someone might be judgemental and you are giving them the benefit of the doubt. But your instincts were actually picking up on something about them

I’ve found that there are people who are essentially “nobodies” in the big picture of things who will make big claims about what they can do for you. They paint themselves to be bigger than they are. But in reality, they are like blowfish, blowing themselves up to be much bigger than who they really are. The truth is, they do this because they are really not that secure in themselves, so any sort of exercise in power makes them feel better about themselves. This can be taken to an extreme level of bullying and manipulation.

When they describe people as small fish in  a big pond, they are talking about people with big ambitions to swim amongst the bigger fish. Although they more ambitious and less influential, I think being a small fish in a big pond is humbling. You never get illusions of grandeur about yourself because there is always someone else out there who is bigger, better, smarter, richer, and more beautiful than you. And that’s ok, because the beauty of it is that your self-image is not based on the power and influence you have over others.

P/S Total irony here, I just noticed that this post will be published on the 8th. The number 8 symbolizes power and influence. The universe has a sense of humour…

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