It was not long after Prince’s passing that I found myself sitting in front of a camera, doing a reading of his Numerology. Not knowing any of what I know now, I felt compelled to talk about him. I had been studying his Numerology and referring to his interviews. I had pieced a clear picture of who he was, a very special person, but most would fail to understand.

In 2013, I began my studies in Numerology and started offering services to others, doing readings (I now do Astro-Numerology, that is Astrology and Numerology combined). In the following year, on my birthday, Starla offered a reading to me. She told me that I would be meeting man who would be very interested in my work in Numerology. Someone very spiritual, but would not appear to be so. Someone who travelled a lot for his work. Someone much older than me. As she described him, I knew it was someone who was a musician. I could see him dressed in white, but I couldn’t see who it was. Time passed, and I just didn’t think any more of this prediction.

Recently, I discovered another “strange”detail about the date of Prince’s passing. Not only do I think he predicted it in his own writing, but something even more bizarre in the Numerology. HIs birth date is June 7, 1958. So if you did his Numerology, you would find that his numbers are 7, 13/4, 36/9. Then, if you do the Numerology of the date of his passing, April 21, 2016, by adding the numbers of the year, you get 9. Then add the month, you’ll get 13/4 (9 +4 = 13, 1 + 3 = 4). And then if you add the day, the 21st, you get 7. 9, 4, 7; the same numbers you get from his birth date!

There is another bizarre twist to this story because this is 9 years before his tour for his Planet Earth album, where is did his 21 Nights tour in London. The number 21. His chose this number deliberately. And if you saw the Recurring Dream poem I mentioned in an older post, he wrote the words, “4 21 nights”. April is 4 in Numerology. And again, if you look at his album, 3121. This number is very important to him, he also had a perfume with this name. He pronounces it as thirty-one, twenty-one. So you can see the number 21 is very significant. If you also add 31 together, it is a 4. The number 31 is the reverse of the number 13, which is one of the number I mentioned above regarding his birth and death date.

I will also mention here that Prince recorded the song, Sometimes It Snows In April, on April 21, 1985 for his movie, Under The Cherry Moon (And his death was on a night of a pink full moon). The song is about the death of the main chart in the movie, played by Prince. This is why it is said that this song was prophetic. Sometimes the soul knows more than the conscious mind and it shows up in one’s art, because we channel it from the soul. Even more spooky, Prince was said to have nearly died on April 21, 1996 from a bad mixture of aspirin and wine.

It is my belief that certain dates can act like portals. I’ve read that astrological alignments are gateways for the soul to enter and leave the planet.

On another note, Prince wore the number 3 on his jersey for his basketball team. 3 is my Life Path number. In high school. I used the moniker “vinyl39” for my email and screen name. I do not know why I chose this number as it is not related to anything in particular. But now I realize that it is 3, my number, and Prince, his number, which is 9.

This video below, was made six months before I started writing about my Prince experiences on this blog. This was before the Starla reading, before I listened to his music, and before I started hearing him talk back to me. I just knew who he was and wanted others to understand him. At one point during filming, the camera did some funny things and I felt a bit spooked by it. I thought maybe he was there, but then again, it was all still a mystery at the time.

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