As I’ve said inn earlier posts, whenever there is something I want confirmation of, I ask for signs. I ask for very specific signs so that it can not be mistaken. I assign a meaning to it as well. I find that people don’t ask for specific signs and they start interpreting everything by projecting their bias onto what they see. This is why I am specific.

A week before my trip to Europe, I asked Prince for a sign in the form of a butterfly. I wanted confirmation about something that  I was sensing about the future. Two days went by with no sign and suddenly I was getting butterflies all over my social media. Butterfly shoes, accessories and home decor started streaming through my Instagram feed. Then I would see an unreleased Prince song show up in my YouTube feed and Prince is singing “butterfly” in his lyrics (the is called Mama, but it has since been deleted from YouTube). And if that wasn’t enough, I see a movie featured on Gaia TV called The Butterfly, which turned out to be a French movie. The plot takes place in France about a little girl who goes to the Alps (which was where I was heading!) in search of butterflies. The part abut the movie that made this sign unmistakably Prince was that the character of the little girl was 9 years old, a Gemini, born in the year of the Dog, and played basketball. Well, Prince is a 9 Life Path in Numerology, a Gemini, born in the year of the Dog, and loves to play basketball. I just could not believe how it was even possible to receive a sign this specific.

AndreaMai_butterfly-8510My friend, catching butterflies in the South of France. 

When I arrived in France, I saw real butterflies fluttering around. My friend would point them out to me, and even went as far to to try and catch them on her hand to show me. During my time in Annecy, I wandered the streets in an attempt to walk to the lake. But it was the wrong way. As I walked back to find my way, two women approached me. One asking if I was Chinese. I said “yes”. As she become so excited, she started to speak Mandarin to me. I had to calmly stop her and tell her that I only spoke Cantonese. We laughed and started a conversation. Suddenly, I saw where the direction of the conversation was going- they were Jehovah Witnesses! I have had previous encounters, so I know how to spot them. “Do you know that there is a paradise in Earth that is coming?”, she asks. I respond, “Yes, I do. I sense it coming”. I explain to her that I sense energies. That I am a photographer creating artwork from nature. I think she was a bit stunned by my response to her because I am sure they receive a lot of rejection or at least skepticism from people al the time. I told her about asking for signs from God. And she offers me a magazine. On it, a butterfly was printed on it. I could not help but laugh, because I knew this encounter was orchestrated by Prince himself. Prince, if you did not know  was a Jehovah Witness.

Through out the rest of the trip, I would have butterflies following me around, not just real ones, but I would see them on advertising and window displays as I walked the streets.

Image above: “Butterfly” by Prince in spirit.

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