My dream as a little girl was to be a fashion designer. I remember playing with a toy sewing machine and wishing that it could actually sew. As a teenager, I went not o make m own clothes. And then to fashion school in university. Eventually that dream faded out. Not because I don’t enjoy it. But because I realized what the industry really is about and that these things I will not stand for.

Prince loved fashion, it was another one of his outlets for expressing individuality, as it was the same case for me. I love fashion as a form of expression. We are both relatively quiet and reserved people, we like our fashion to speak louder than our words. Even after so long, I’ve continued to make the majority of my own clothes. Prince had an in-house fashion studio at Paisley Park to whip up his fashion ideas. He enjoyed fashion so much that he used a fashion show as a backdrop for his Chelsea Rodgers music videos. The song is a veiled criticism of the conformity that takes place in the world of fashion and society.

I’ve said in other posts about the entertainment and art industry being ruled by dark forces. Fashion is not an exception. It has only been keeping itself under wraps for a very long time. But as time goes by, they have become more explicit in showing their dark affiliations. One of the earliest examples I can think of is Alexander McQueen. Extremely talented, but entrapped in a disturbing sick environment. Fashion  is another one of the mediums that the elite have used to promote their own political agendas. Just like Hollywood is for mind control, Fashion is used to further enforce an agenda using trendy peer pressure and role modelling influence.  Did you notice the fashion community rallying around voting against Brexit and encouraging support for Hilary? The fashion community is the least politically un-informed people of all and yet they are supposed to role model to you on what your idea on politics should be?

Recently, a casting director at the Business of Fashion Voices conference named James Scully spoke out about the industry bias that disempowers women intentionally; choosing models with boyish figures, and even choosing men to portray women. And at the same time at this conference, a panel spoke abut inclusiveness and gender fluidity being the hot topic du jour. Do you notice the extreme left-wing agenda for gender confusion being promoted here?

Don’t get me wrong about the subject of gender roles and sexual freedom. The trans-agenda is about deliberately confusing the gender roles. From a spiritual point of view, it is denying the diving masculine and feminine principles of nature. There is confusion about the sexuality of artists like Prince and Michael Jackson because of their androgyny. In these cases; they were channeling their twin flame energy. They are not promoting transgenderism like how some media outlets like to project onto them. Although the industry might have perverted it for their own purposes, Prince and MJ are ultra-masculine; they understand women very well because of their strong empathy. The gender fluidity agenda is about confusing the hell out of everyone about their sexuality as a perverse societal attack on traditional relationships.There are videos exposing the fashion world on Youtube (use search terms illuminati fashion), but I’m not going to post it here because it is just too dark. I do not want to transfer their energy to this blog.

The fashion world has always been quite subtle and covert about their ties to darkness. Unlike the music and movie world, their allegiance has been open and blatant. More blatant than ever. You can’t miss it. nowadays You can only deny the damming evidence of its existence if you intentionally choose to be blind to it. It was never easy to pin down the facts in fashion about dark elitism. It was always just speculation. But mainstream fashion and entertainment media is losing its influence, and they are now reaching out to independent media personalities to join forces with them. Watch this video to see what I mean.

Do you see the connection regarding the power of casting directors? The person in question is a real person. Is it a hoax? While it could be easily written off as some kind of practical joke or sick scam, the same story has been reported among several YouTubers. The levels to which the person in question went through to make contact seems to indicate a serious attempt and not a scam.

I personally still enjoy fashion, but I no longer value it the way I used to as a lifestyle to aspire to. I find it empty and soul-sucking as an industry. While I would still love to be involved in fashion projects, it’s not likely to happen unless I can find like-minded individuals to work with. I wrote this out to show you what really happens in the industry. If you are struggling in the arts and entertainment industry, consider the fact that your lack of success could be systematic, and not because you lack merit.. It’s not that you should ever give up our dreams, but you should really question how badly you want something and whether it is worth the struggle to you personally. I just can’t justify the spiritual cost of being involved in such an industry.

Image above: “Special” by Prince in spirit.

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