Last week, we went to a butterfly conservatory. As we waited in line for tickets, I felt Prince grab onto my hand and smile delightfully. He had the look of childlike glee in his eyes. Beaming with excitement. It was so cute. His sweetness was emanating. He was wearing a suit in a shade of purple that was like a neon light, paired with a matching hat, in typical Prince style. I wanted to photograph the butterflies as much as I could. But it is a challenge. The place was busy with families enjoying the last days of summer vacation. This energy excited the butterflies, and they fluttered quickly around the place. I consider myself lucky that I got these two photos at all!

I have a friend who is brilliant at getting butterflies to land on her hand. I would notice the children there holding out a butterfly in their hands. I wished very much that a butterfly would land on my hand. But my attempts did not work. Finally, as I photographed a child that had one on her hand, she asked, “do you want it?” And she passed it onto me.  I was surprised and delighted.

Butterflies have been a symbol that we used in the begining  to communicate with each other when I asked for signs from him to confirm things. It reminds me of a line from his song, LoveSexy, “I know that heaven’s a butterfly kiss away”.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

Later in the day, I saw a purple car parked in a mall parking lot, and I smiled, because I knew it ws a sign from him. I had asked to see a purple car earlier that day.

Image above: “Butterfly” by Andrea Mai.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.