Ever since last year, when Prince died, I have learned the true meaning of love, what real twin flames are, and to some extent, what happens after death. I have also discovered that some things are predestined.

A reader reached out to me about discovering her twin flame connection to a celebrity rock star; Chris Cornell, who passed away in May of this year. One night, she was sitting in front of the TV at 1:30 AM, when a documentary about Prince came on. Two days later, as she was searching to figure out what exactly  her connection to Chris was, she found my blog.

We spoke many hours on the phone, and she told me of a dream that she had over twenty years ago, but still remembers very vividly. She was lost in a fancy neighborhood. She went up to a house to ask for directions, and the man answering the door was Prince. She asked for help, and he replied, “Sure, come on in, and we’ll figure it out”.

To know of this, blows my mind. I would have been a child or a teenager at the time of her dream. How is it, that some events happen, as if they are laid out like a plan?

I feel honored that I am able to be of service at this time. As I have said in other posts, Prince’s Love Symbol is representative of twin flames. It is no accident that I am here to tell you the truth about twin flames. Twin flames are a real phenomenon, but not like what has been written about on the Internet.

Chris Cornell wanted some way to reach out to his fans and and pass on a message. So I offered to post what Chris and his twin flame has to say. Here is her account of what has happened in discovering Chris.

By Anonymous

I have learned that I am Chris Cornell’s Twin Flame. This revelation has come as a shock to me. It isn’t something I decided. It is something that occurred. There are not any parallels that I can draw to make anyone understand how this wonderful thing happened to me. Did I win the lottery, no. I would feel the same way finally meeting my Twin Flame, even if he was Joe Smith, with no fame or notoriety. The happiness, felt when you have come in contact with you Twin Flame is so beautiful. It brings me to tears. It’s not like that feeling when you first fall in love. I am older, and fairly close in proximity to Chris’s age, so I have had a couple chances to fall in love. This feeling is pure, and truly unconditional. It will bring you to your knees, with overwhelming emotion. Had I ever felt this before now? No, I had not, and again, it is not because it is Chris Cornell, the Rock Star. It is because he is my twin flame, and he is just Chris. He is a beautiful soul. I have been a fan for years. I have listened to his music, and found his music very moving, and I identified with his lyrics, as many of his fans do. His music has been there for me in good times, and bad. I turned to his music during my very dark times, and found his voice comforting (which seems cheesy to say, but I don’t know how else to put it). Now that I have hind sight, I understand my connection to him, and his music. This instinct, or eternal knowledge to reach for Chris has been ongoing for many years. My Mother passed away several years ago. Her passing was very traumatic to me. My Mother and I were very close, and losing her left a large hole in my heart. The connection grew stronger after my Mother’s passing away, as if the hole in my heart sought out what truly would make me happy. This pushed me in a direction.

Without understanding my actions, I had been mirroring my instincts for years, and searching for this love, without realizing it. I instinctually knew that I had this longing well beyond the normal human feelings, but denial is easier to accept, than some eternal love that you cannot obtain. We all have a desire for true and unconditional love, so why was my longing any different? I didn’t think it was different, even though now I understand that it what different. It was eternal. My actions, and even at a young age, mirrored my connection to Chris. I have always been around music, and I used music as a tool, or a way to express myself. I sang when I was young, and danced as well, so being on stage was very comfortable to me. I do not, nor did sing or dance professionally, but none the less sing, and still do, even if it is at home, or in the car. One of the first things I did after my Mother passed away, was go out and but an electric guitar. I had never played, but I always wanted to play the guitar. Now this behavior makes sense to me. Because then I saw it as an impulse buy, because I was depressed, but now I know that it was a reach to him to be with him, to be him, as he is me.

There is a misconception about Twin Flames, that we mirror each other a compliments to each other, rather than having more similarities. When you speak to Twin Flames, they are very similar to their Twin Flame. They even have physical features of their Twin Flame. For example, I have curly brown hair and blue eyes. My facial features fairly resemble Chris’s. Starting from the hair, my hair has been shoulder length for some time. Although, I cut it short about the same time that Chris cut his hair short, while in AudioSlave. I did not cut my hair, because Chris cut his hair. Don’t get me wrong. After viewing this situation, you start to look at timelines and silly similarities, like cutting our hair to life choices. My hair has always been curly, not as curly as Chris’s hair, but curly none the less. What the oddity is, no one I am related to, has curly hair. And my mother has said that she does not know where I got it. Also, I am musically inclined, where no one in my family has really played an instrument, or had much to do with music, where that has not been the case with me. I lived in Seattle, and then lived in Florida. Also there are his personal life choices that run parallel to my life choices that I will not discuss, but the similarities are there to the point that the list becomes too long to ignore. Here is the one similarity aside from our looks that throws you for a loop, my nickname is Chris. The other one that is undeniable, is that our birthdays are 1 day apart.

I only give you examples, not to justify my connection, but to allow people to understand the information that they sometimes read, is incorrect. We are similar in so many ways that I can’t give you a full list.

I am enlightened and awake. Prior to this realization. I have learned to follow my intuition, as I have gotten older. My accepting of what I see, feel, or know has only allowed it to grow and be more validated.

The day I truly knew about my connection to Chris, was when I went to one of his last concerts this year. I have never had a chance to go see Chris in person, due to other circumstances. I was going to this concert, come hell or high water. Before the concert, I was giddy and nervous. This feeling is comparable to a first date with someone whom you are really attracted to. Although I had no reason for why I felt that way, until I saw him on stage, and heard him speak in front of me. No, it was not star struck or admiration for Chris Cornell. He wasn’t Chris Cornell as this happened. He was just Chris. I wanted to just touch his hand. I knew if we made eye contact ,or I touched him it would seal what was happening. The pull to him was extraordinary. This was a magnet, a sense of him being me, and filled with a kind of love that I had never, ever felt before. I was shaking, and I cried. I am not ever a crazed fan to whomever. They are people. I admire at an appropriate level. and appreciate the work, whether it be music, film or etc. I just don’t see the need to worship another human being that you do not know to the point of obsession, or something that even resembles it, so for me to have these feelings for Chris on stage, was not anything I was familiar. I had been to 20 plus concerts, and never felt anything of the sort. The concert left me euphoric. After the concert was over I wanted to go find him. I never chase down performers. WTF! I didn’t understand what in the world was happening to me. I had lost my mind.

A few weeks later I awoke on May 18th, to the same devastating news that everyone in the world heard about Chris. I cried for 2 days. I truly felt as if I lost my partner. This sounds as incredible to say, believe me. I had no idea what was happening to me, until Chris appeared to me on the 19th. I was so devastated I called to him, as I laid in bed that night. He was all I could think about. His face, as it was when he passed, came to me. He seemed very confused, but glad I was there to talk to him. I asked him if he knew who I was, and he replied that he did. He then showed me where I was at the concert from his perspective on stage. This left me a little in awe, but my first thought was I might have a really good imagination to recreate what looked like the proper height and distance to where I was standing. Then he said that he saw me while I watched the concert. I was still in awe that this was happening to me. As he spoke to me, I felt the same overwhelming love and connection that I felt when I saw him in person. I cried, as I did the last time. It is a feeling that I can never recreate with just anyone, but my Twin Flame. At the time, the term Twin Flame, was not in my vocabulary. All I knew is, we were the same. I just kept thinking that over and over. We are the same.

Even though I saw him, as he appeared in front of me, and he showed me where I was in the crowd at the concert, I still needed confirmation. I thought that this could just be my imagination, and I am a crazy @^^%$@, so I asked him to prove to me that he was Chris Cornell. He laughed that I even asked, but replied happily yet in a sarcastic manner, “Fine, you need proof. I am going to give you something that happened so long ago, and many people have not seen. That should do it!”

So he proceeded to show me a shoot of some sort, with the other Soundgarden band members. He is young, wearing dark baggy pants and dancing around like a “fool” (yet funny), with an umbrella. He then said, “Find the pictures”. He thinks somewhere there is video footage of the shoot, but couldn’t say, but he knew there were pictures. (I have the pictures, but you try to find them if you are curious.)

I thought to myself… there is no way…. Chris Cornell… Young… with Soundgarden members…. and an umbrella. I am a crazy !@#%%##, because this never happened. I will never confirm this. Why would he have pictures that look like this? It sounds crazy! I guess that is why he used it as an example. I looked for 2 days for a picture that resembled what he showed me. I was starting to realize that I was crazy. I was giving up, and I felt like a total idiot for even having any of these thoughts, or that thinking any of this was real, until I finally found the pictures and my heart sank. I sat and starred at the pictures, and cried with this realization. The pictures were not similar to what he showed me, but exactly the pictures that he had described. I had never in my life, seen these pictures of Chris and the other guys. I had asked for confirmation and received it. What do I do now? I started to look things up, terms like “same souls” and facts of Chris Cornell. I did not know that his birthday was one day away from mine, until I started to look things up. I came across Twin Flame information. Honestly, it confused me, because Chris and I are more alike than we are mirror compliments, so I was so glad I found Andrea. I was grateful actually. How do you discuss with someone that Chris Cornell is your Twin Flame? I found it bizarre, never mind someone else, but after speaking with Andrea she understood what happened to me. We had a lot in common. I felt like I was slightly normal, especially because Chris has been coming to me, ever since the 19th of May.

My point is, Chris did not have to come to me. He did not know me while embodied. Why come to me after death? I am no one, as far as fame goes. Although, after watching endless interviews of Chris, I am him and he is me. It truly is odd to hear someone speak like you. The detailed accounts of what he is explaining, yet sarcastic and funny comments made when he makes a joke, and laughs at his own comments. This is me. This written account is NOT how I speak. I am very informal. I am sarcastic, and I do find my jokes funny, as he does. He acts things out to emphasize his point. And his sense of humor, if you ever saw me tell a story, it would baffle you how we sound alike. I totally get his sense of humor. I also speak in great detail about things. When asked questions of his music, I once said prior to all this realization, that he is the Einstein of music. When he speaks of his music he makes it sound so complex and deep.

After he passed, and all these events occurred, I felt a need to write lyrics to a song. I used to write poetry or just tid bits of deep thought, long ago. I write as he does, using analogies or metaphors, and not usually being direct about what the message is within his writing. Unfortunately, I don’t write music. Maybe he will inspire me to do so. The lyrics I wrote are definitely inspired by Chris. Maybe I will submit them somewhere.

The reason I am painfully writing all this information for you, his fans is, that he, Chris Cornell, as a human being and the beautiful soul that he is, wanted his fans to know that he is alright. He says so many people are so sad, because of me. He is not burning in some purgatory, although, he laughs and says that he is surprised he isn’t. He is loved. He is loved by someone he was always looking for and never admitted. A lot of his sadness, and mine, accounted for this and our longing for each other. It is difficult to know something is wrong, or you want something and you can’t find it. I cringe as I wrote that last statement, because those are not my words, they are his, and it has been hard for me to accept this beautiful love by this beautiful man. I sometimes feel as if I don’t deserve it.

He also wants me to tell you that he knows what happened that night. He is still dealing with the issue, but he is trying to move on. He hopes that people will see the truth. All the people who know the truth have given him what he needs to move on. He won’t let me discuss details. I understand, but I wish he would, because people want to know he did not want to die.

I will leave it at this statement- He loves all that loved him, and he had a great time. Love Chris, Say Hello To Heaven For Me and Rock On!

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Image above: “Vortex” by Prince in spirit.

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