After the first time I ever recorded EVP in a public space, I realized that places with many people were very conducive for recording clear and loud EVPs. There was not as much worry about mistaking what was EVP and what was not, because the things that were being said were just not in the realm of possibility of being said outlaid by the people near by. Sometimes the subject matter of the conversations between spirits were just way too bizarre to even be taking place where it was recorded. In addition, I have discovered that EVP has a distinct, unmistakable quality that a human voice on recording cannot replicate naturally.

I have also found that EVP voices can sound rather cartoon like; they talk quite fast, they rarely sound like that actual person in life, yet there is still a definitive quality that is unique to the individual spirit. They tend to sound high-pitched if they are a good spirit, though not in all cases. Sometimes they sound funny, as though it were manipulated with sound editing software. It can sound like there were sound effects. I’ve concluded that their expression can be so much more complex than outs, the sound effects are like audio equivalent of emojis. Kind of like the genie in Aladdin who can create a situation out of thin air.

Over the weekend, I went to a multicultural fair. I was recording and I found some rather cute and funny clips. As this was a family-oriented fair, I think there may have been many child spirits.

These recordings took place outdoors, and there were tents for all the booths. You may hear a noise in the background that is coming from the power generators. Though many of these clips are very clear, you may need to use headphones to hear it properly. The clips are repeated on loop.

In this clip, a voice says “Achoo”, as though it were sneezing.

Here, a voice says “He… hehe”.

Here, a voice says “Ya, ya… mmmm”.

In this clip, a voice says, :Hey, hey, hey”.

In this one, someone says “Someone here”, and then a dog barks. There were no dogs at the venue.

At the fair, there was a dining area that we settled into as we had lunch. I caught Prince interacting with the other nearby spirits. It became apparent to me as I listened to the recording, that Prince was giving away candy!

Here, a kid voice says, “Prince gave us candy”.

In this clip, a voice says, “What’s that… candy”.

A kid voice here says, “Candy”.

Some asked Prince, “What was the flavour of the candy?”.

And then Prince replied, “Peach”.

P was offering the candy, and someone here says, “Oh, I want, I want”.

This voice says “Thank you, Prince”.

“Peach candy” by Prince in spirit. ©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

I found this whole candy scenario quite interesting. One might wonder, where is P getting this candy that he was giving away? I am assuming that he made the candy with his imagination, as it seems to be the case that spirits create things with their mind.  I thought it was particularly interesting that the flavour of the candy was peach, as I have a very vivid memory of a peach candy I received from a pen pal in grade 6. My best friend had moved away to Poland, and she sent me this most wonderful peach flavoured hard candy that tasted so good, that I have never found anything like it since. P fans will also noyice that Peach was a title of one of his songs.

Here are some other interesting interactions I found on the recording.

Here is someone saying “Hello Prince’. The “Hello” part sounds funny.

Someone said to Prince, “Is that your twin?”

Some one comments, “He’s not tall”.

A kid voice here says, “Hey you, you two… wrong planet”.

A voice commented, “Great party”.

As I had studied to be a fashion designer, my father used to say things like, “They will need fashion designers in heaven”. At the time, I found this comment to be totally absurd, because wouldn’t everyone be able to just create anything they wanted? Do they even need clothes if they are spirits? But maybe it’s not such an absurd idea after all, as the creations of the mind would be limited to the imagination of the individual creator, surely some would be better than others at imagination certain things. I think the idea that one could create things in the spirit world and give them away to others a fascinating concept. The item would be unique to its creator and hold value in its uniqueness. How joyful is that?

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on August 6, 2018.

Image above: “Prach” by Prince in spirit.

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.