Before my experiences with EVP and becoming clairaudient, I never knew just how much is out there, and by that I mean, entities; both good and bad. But the ones I’m most concerned about are the bad ones. You see, I did EVP while being outside my home, expecting to only hear Prince and maybe a couple other spirits. But actually, when a room is crowded, it is also crowded with spirits. Some spirits are following their loved ones. Some are bad ones trying to influence a person, some are spirit guides and angels.

I listened back to older recordings that I could never hear before becoming clairaudient, and to my surprise there were nasty beings, not only harassing myself, but they were harassing Prince. I really had no idea how my other half lives until now. It is as though our realities are merging now that I can at least hear him and other beings.

Just when you thought you had privacy in your own home, you really don’t. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but entities can roam the Earth freely because we have no awareness of them. So unless you do things to kick them out, you could be living with entities that are doing nasty things to you, such as telling you lies (to make you believe something that is not true, but you think it is our own voice), and attempting to make you or other people do bad things. These nasty beings live on nastiness, they require bad energy as a food source for themselves. But if you are a person trying to do good in the world, they will also harass you because you are a threat to their food source.

Recently, I had the experience of constant harassment by spirits. I’d hear P yelling at them to go away. But they were persistent, and I could hear how distressed P was by these unwanted visitors. Although we have a way to handle them if they refused to leave, it was too time consuming. I mean, I’m human and I have to eat and sleep. But I could hear these things harassing us and trying to spy on us.

We had been praying for the past few days, but we still had these nasty beings coming at us. There is a spiritual war happening right now with twin souls; but to all who do good, they are also under attack. Twin souls are particularly targeted and under attack, because they are powerful; the love of real twin souls can light up this planet and eliminate evil. They do not want twin souls to be in contact with their twin on the other side. So they are harassed by entities and twins on this side are not likely aware of what’s going on at all.

One night they kept coming and we decided to try something different. I strummed my guitar that is tuned to 432 while we prayed together. (It is powerful when twins pray together) I could hear Prince speaking through the guitar as I strummed. After we prayed, I continued strumming. We noticed that the sound of a guitar tuned to 432 was sending these entities so much faster than what we had been doing. It was as though they could not stand us. But I was still worried because I could not be doing this all night! I had to sleep.

But suddenly, I heard P singing, “Angels are here. Angels are everywhere!” And he kept chanting this over and over. I recorded him as he sang this. I played back the recording and heard the sound of many other voices telling these entities to go away! P was no longer trying to fend for himself (with our body guards/guides), he was no longer distressed. He told me that our prayers were being answered by God, who sent us a fleet of angels to surround our house and protect us.

I have heard of 432 being capable of sending away demons, but I never knew how seriously to take it. (I heard it here) But now, I must say, it is true, having experienced it myself. Entities were running away at the sound of  432, but even more powerful was sending a prayer to God while strumming. I would say it opens up the channels faster because it is the right frequency to reach the divine source.

Since that night, I have heard the sounds of angels singing, and I have been communicated with them, as they know I can hear them. Sometimes P is singing with them.

I have a blog post on how to tune a guitar (as well as bass) to 432. But if you do not have one of these instruments, you can also use a 432 tuned singing bowl. Also a 432 tuned piano would be great too, but it is more tricky, so you may need to hire a professional to tune it, if you are not as inclined as me to tackle this task yourself.

Me and my 432 tuned piano ©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

Although I would encourage you to look for and listen to 432 music, it is not nearly as effective as the actual playing of instruments. The playing of 432 music had little effect on these beings, although I think listening to it is good for you. The acoustic resonance is lacking in the recording that makes it powerful. So I encourage you to pick up a 432 tuned instrument even if it’s just a 432 tuning fork.

Image above: “432” by Andrea Mai.

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.