When I first started noticing’s Prince’s spirit was present with me, I didn’t know what to think of it. I had never experienced anything like this before. I was worried I was going somewhat crazy. I know a friend whom I trust to be a powerful psychic medium. So I wanted to get her to do a cold reading on me. All I told her was that I wanted to find out about a man. Nothing else. She told me to set my intentions for the reading on the night before. The reading was recorded. I am releasing an edited version of the audio file. The reasons for editing is to keep it short and to maintain my personal privacy. Yu will notice in the first half of the audio that she has no idea that I am asking about a dead person, although you can tell that she senses it. Later into the reading, she realizes for herself that the person I am asking about is Prince and he comes into the session to directly relay messages to me.

I am releasing this audio to prove not only that it is Prince that is present with me, but also that our soul connection can be detected psychically. I have also included the parts of the audio that explains the reasons for his passing, to set the record straight, as there has been so much speculation in this regard. The reading took place on May 15, 2016. Please note that the voices on this tape are slightly distorted, as the reader wishes to remain anonymous. She has a really beautiful speaking voice in reality.

Update: I forgot t mention that at the end of the audio, during the “creak”, my internet had cut out at that very moment.

Image above: “Self-portrait with Prince” by Andrea Mai.

©2016. Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.