think many people wonder what there is in the afterlife, as I had many of the same questions myself. Questions like, are there animals, do they have technology, do they still experience our world…? As far as I can observe, the spirit world is like a layer on top of our physical world. Maybe better described as a dimension. I find language so limiting in being able to covey such concepts. The spirits can observe our world, but they also have a spirit version of it occurring with ours simultaneously. So while there is like a spirit version duplicate of the physical world, there is much more going on as well. For instance, if I go to a restaurant, there is a spirit version of the restaurant, but on their side they may be serving foods we don’t have on the menu over here!

So are thee animals over there? Do we see our pets again? Often as I am leaving the house, I will see in my mind’s eye, P’s dog, Mia. She is a sweet, delightful creature. His pets came to him after his passing (or maybe they never left?) I am grateful that P has pets with him to keep him company. I have also heard P mention of animals that he sees over there.

Recently, I recorded EVP where Mia was mentioned. P likes to take her out with us when we go out shopping. Most of these clips are pretty clear. But some clips are more subtle and you would need headphones to hear them. For reference, I use Beats headphones when I review audio, so use headphones if you want to hear what I’m hearing. EVP audio can be subtle and it can get lost on regular speakers. The clips are repeated on loop.

Here is a clip where someone says to P, “Hold your puppy, so cute”.

Here is P saying, “It’s Mia”.

Here, P says, “Mia”.

In this clip, someone asks, “What’s her name?”. This part is very subtle, you might not hear it at first. P answers, “Mia”. This is one of those types of clips where nearby sounds gets morphed to form the sounds of what the spirit is saying. So “Mia” sounds like it is part of the song lyrics from the music in the background.

Here is a voice saying, “Doggie over there”.

Here you can hear someone whisper, “Doggie“. And then a dog bark.

That day, when I was at the store, I think there was also another dog thee. In this clip, you hear a dog bark, but it’s not Mia. Then you hear someone saying “Woof, woof, woof, doggie, woof”. It’s really cute.

Here is P introducing his dog to someone, “This is Mia”.

I also recorded other interesting clips that day. Here is one that I caught from their conversation among themselves. Someone said, “Oh I see”.

Here is someone saying, “What should we do, now?”.

Here is a clip of P saying, “Sit down here with me”. I think he was talking to Mia, while I was browsing in the store.  This is a clip where the store’s radio announcement was morphed. I will show you in the next clip after this.

Here is the store announcement, so you can hear how the announcement got morphed.

As we started walking home, some people started asking P about me. He said, “She is my twin soul”.

For this blog post, I asked P to do some drawings. I am able to let P move my hand for him to draw. He drew a picture of Mia (above), and a group of dogs (below). We both really love dogs. But due to my living circumstances, I can’t have  one.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on July 14 and 18. 2019

Image above: “
Mia” by Prince in spirit.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.