I have decided to close down comments on this blog. This blog has grown tremendously in less than one year. But unfortunately, it also attracts the likes of spammers and haters. I do not wish to devote any more time to moderating comments. Thank you to those that have left kind, thoughtful comments in the past. Your support is very much appreciated, and I still welcome your questions and feedback. From now on, if you wish to connect with me, you must do so directly by email (spiritual matters are best discussed privately anyways). Please note that I will not respond to any hateful, disrespectful, unintelligible, or nonsensical messages that are sent my way.

For the record, I want to be very clear about this, I am not motivated by money or power. If I were, I would not be writing this blog. Sharing the kind of things I experience makes me vulnerable to false accusations and ridicule (and psychic attacks) by the public. But I am motivated by two things only, and that is Love and Truth. If I wanted to be famous on Instagram, believe me, I have the know-how to orchestrate such a thing. I know how the game is played. But I know what a life of fame without sincerity leads to, and that is, a shallow, wasted, meaningless life, devoid of authenticity and true expression. Fame without purpose is vanity. In the past, I have quit jobs based solely on principle. I could not work for a company that I felt lacked integrity. I refuse to contribute and put my energy into a soul-less cause. That is not what I came here for.

I am tired of this 3D world. I am tired of the tedious, (sometimes stupid) mundane things that a human must do to survive in the physical. If I were not motivated by Love and Truth, I would choose to leave. Why I ever chose to come out of the closet about my experiences, was to tell the truth about twin flames. When Prince showed up, I had no idea about what this connection was. I was not a fan of his. In fact, I have been oblivious to him most of my life. I thought perhaps, in spirit, he just came to be friends, like kindred spirits, sort of speak. But he expressed more than that to me. The feeling became mutual. And he later revealed our divine connection to each other. Twin souls. I had never heard of the term. I had only heard of twin flames. so I asked if they were the same thing. I was told, yes. And it became abundantly clear to me, that everything I ever read on the Internet about twin flames was untrue. I saw how harmful the disinformation was in those that believed what they read.

I’m not impressed by status, popularity, or authority, so these are things I would never be one to strive for. If these experiences happened with someone of no fame to speak of, I’d still be writing about it. I could of chosen to withhold the identity of my twin soul, but I could not have fully shared the details of my experiences. The stories would have become trivial, and I could not have shared documented evidence with you. There are many people out there, who have similar experiences to mine, but for whatever reason, they cannot go public about it. This is why there are not many documented cases of the twin soul phenomenon. I am interested in sharing the Truth with you.

On same days, it is hard, even for me to believe the kinds of things that happened to me. Momentarily, I am sucked back into the Matrix, ruled by logic and only what can be seen. It is a strange experience for me to read about Prince. He is often described as controversial. It is of some consolation to me, to realize that controversy is just something that comes with the territory. I am not here to convince anyone of anything. This is my corner of the Internet. I chose to freely express myself. I take no prisoners; you are free to leave if you do not like what you read. But you do not have the right to accuse me of being a liar and slander me. People hate what I have to say, and others are very jealous. Many people won’t believe me; I was forwarded (by Prince). But I know that Love will get me through this.

There is no doubt that I love Prince, for he is my twin soul, my cosmic counterpart. I chose to express it through my art. If you think that I am doing this somehow to attain fame or money, then you understand nothing about me, or how anything in this world works;, and you should question why it it that you come to such a conclusion. It is a human tendency that we accuse others of the very same things that we, ourselves are motivated by. Believe me, I have a hard enough time as an artist, let alone getting anyone in the art world to take me seriously. I could be very successful doing work as a commercial artist. But that is just not for me. My art is about self-expression, and Prince has become a major part of my life. This is my story. Take from it, what you will.

Image above: “Self-portait with Prince” by Andrea Mai.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.