This is just a quick post to tell you about the significance of 2013 for me, and the effect it may have had on Prince emotionally at the time.  As I’ve mentioned before, twin souls feel each other, regardless of their awareness of each other. I was not aware of him at this time. It was a difficult time in my life. It was the saddest that I had ever been. The lowest pint in my life. Someone I really loved broke up with me. My business was falling apart. And my direction in life and career was nowhere to be found. I experienced an emotional breakdown where I stayed in bed and cried for a week.

I recently saw video footage of Prince’s performance of Purple Rain at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2013. I would share the video of it here, but the video was taken down. He started this song with a bit of talking, dedicating it to a staff member at the Fairmont Hotel at which he stayed at. He also did a very emotionally raw performance of Breakdown, where he appeared to be holding back tears. It was the saddest that I had even seen him in a performance. It felt like something shook him.

The truth is, at this time, I was shaken. I was totally, utterly lost with myself. I don’t know what might have been going on with him personally that year. But it looks like he had some breakdown moments as well. He was feeling me. I was feeling him. Some time during 2013 was when I heard the Somewhere Here On Earth song and I felt like he was speaking to me directly. But I didn’t know it was him, nor did I believe what I was feeling. You can read about it here. As well, I had the strange energetic visitation from him. You can read about it here. He was writing songs for his Art Official Age album, and you can sense that he was dealing with a lot of existential questions about life at the time, as was I.

The following year, 2014, was much better. I had started a new business. I had new friends. I was happier. And I felt that from his appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show.

Image above: “Hearts” by Prince in spirit.

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