Let me tell you about two things from my childhood. I’ve always been fascinated by twins. I always felt that there was something missing in my life– the other half of me. I loved reading stories about twins. I read the Sweet Valley Twins series. I loved shows like Sister Sister. I don’t remember a lot from my early childhood. But I always had a feeling of loneliness in my life that couldn’t be explained.

From my own research into Prince, he had a similar fascination with twins as well. He very much identified with being a Gemini, which is represented by the twins. He had twin dancers on tour with him in the mid-20000’s. And he was always looking for a twin counterpart.

I was eight years old when the song, Nothing Compares 2 U, performed by Sinead O’Conor came out out in 1990. I remember the music video of her, dressed in black, with a shaved head. As a child, that is one of the few songs of my childhood that I remember most. It really resonated with me. The feelings expressed in that song felt like they were mine. But that is a strange song for a child to resonate with! It was not until after Prince’s passing, that I found out this song was written by him. He wrote it in 1984, two years after I left his side as a discarnate being. So it makes sense now, why I was so drawn to that song.

I’ve always been searching for “the one”. I knew that there was someone out there who was my exact counterpart match. And I could tell instantly when meeting people if here was something special going on or not. I’ve written about magnets pulls between two people before. Most attribute it to being a twin flame thing. What I’ve discovered is, that it is, and it isn’t. Feeling this magnetic pull to someone does not make that person you are with, your twin flame. I’ve felt this magnetic pull with two different people. Neither were my twin. Soul mate, yes. But not a twin.

I know that there is this thing people are calling “false twin flames”, or “near twin flames”. But I do not resonate with these terms. I don’t think they are accurate in describing what it is. The wording would imply that the other person is somehow fooling or tricking you into believing that they are your twin. It is in most cases, a soul mate mistaken for a twin flame.

There is also this other thing going around about “twin flame runners” I will explain to you why this concept  is simply not real. First of all, twin flames are a unit. They are on the same page, regardless of time or distance. What one feels, the other feels. The feelings between them are mutual, because they feel each other. Because they are connected to each other. There is no hiding from each other. So the idea of this twin flame runner thing is ridiculous, that one of them are running from the other, because it’s “too intense” is nonsensical. Twins are the same on the inside, so they would never run from each other. So if you think your twin is running from you, it’s not your twin. It’s a soul mate connection.

I can understand the confusion, as  I’ve been there myself. You meet someone you really feel connected with. The energy between you is buzzing. You kiss, make love, it is insanely electrifying. You feel like you are vibrating all over. And you ask the other if he or she felt it too. They don’t concur. And you don’t understand how they could not have felt it too. Maybe they were holding back feeling, you think?

Here is what’s probably going on. When you’re with someone you really like, possibly a soul mate, you get emotionally excited. Your twin wherever he or she, who is out there, if at all, feels it too, and the feelings keep getting passed around back and forth, building up in intensity. You believe it is coming from that person you are with. But it’s not. What’s happening is, emotional transference. Because twin feel each other, they reciprocate back and forth to each other. Twin souls are simpatico with each other, no matter the time, distance, or their unawareness of each other.

I can tell you, that when Prince showed up, I felt so different. I felt complete. I felt him with me, always, side by side. And my burdens fell away. I had always experienced nervousness and anxiety my entire life for no reason at all. I’ve always just felt worried on a subconscious level. I feel now, that whatever I was searching for in my life, I found him, my twin soul. The search is over.

Image above: “Self portrait with Prince”, by Andrea Mai.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.