I know that sometimes the stuff I talk about can really go over your head. I’ve been studying this stuff for a long time and you might be new at this. But if you learn nothing else from me, just remember this; Everything is energy, everything has a vibration. Th real war is not in the 3D world, it is in the spirit world. Your consciousness is what matters. The physical is just a reflection of that. Like I’ve said in previous posts. Life is just a parade, nothing more than a show. Your thoughts and feelings are what matter most. We are in a time of spiritual warfare.

The dark forces feed off your negative energy. Without their food source, they cease to exist. At this moment, after the 2016 election, they are clinging for life. This is why the media is constantly pumping fear propaganda, hoping that you will buy into it and give them what they want from you. Negative energy. They do not want you to ascend, because they would lose you as their food source.

They love it even more if you gather together in large groups and spew negativity. This is why protesting is never productive, it just feeds into the problem itself. Often times, these major protest movements are funded by the elite dark forces. They pay protesters to attend rallies and incite violence. I know at one point, Prince was involved in the Black Lives Matters movement. He wanted to fund youth programs to crate opportunities. His dream was to provide training for youth so that they would become an economic force for their community. But what he has told me in spirit is that it has become “a bunch of complainers”, which if you know Prince, he will not stand for.  They are not looking for solutions. This is the problem with movements, even if they started out genuine in the first place, they get infiltrated by the opposing forces who twist it info creating more conflict.

Prince made it a priority to perform concerts. Sound is energy. He understood the power of gathering massive groups of people and creating positive vibes with music. The energy he puts out playing music gets amplified a thousand fold when he has an engaged audience. The energy generated from concerts crates a powerful pillar of energy, even more so when the stage is in the shape of a circle. However, what kind of energy is generated depends on what the artist is projecting. I found this video a while ago that talks about free energy and what I am  explaining here is even more in depth. The part near the end will blow your ind, but you must watch the whole thing to understand it all. I promise it is worth watching.

This morning I saw that protests were breaking out about Trump winning the election. I asked Prince, what do we do? He reminded me of the messages he imparted in his movie, Graffiti Bridge; “When a man screams, you must learn to whisper”. He said to me, “This is spiritual warfare. You cannot fight this in the 3D. You have to go 5D for this.” When we talk about 5D, we mean the etheric light body. One must generate more positive energy so that the light shines through the darkness. The power is in your belief.

So I want to leave you here today with one of my own videos that I created with Prince for my Love Bomb exhibition. It was a last minute addition to the exhibit. I had thought of the idea months ago, I resisted doing it, but Prince kept encouraging me to do it. The idea is to release a “love bomb” from the power of your mind. Let’s do it together, it only takes a minute.

Image above: “Unity” by Prince in spirit.

©2016. Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.