I certainly never wanted to go public about who I am, knowing the consequences that come with the territory. But it became necessary to educate people about a taboo subject, to tell the truth about what genuine twin souls are. Everything I do and write about is who I am. Everything I talk about is what I know to be true and comes from my experiences. I don’t do this to be self-aggrandizing or get some kind of external benefit. Because there isn’t any. Doing this kind of thing just sets you up for ridicule and judgement.

Being the twin soul of someone that everyone is in love with is not easy. I don’t say this to ask for sympathy. Rather I’m telling you the truth. The thing is, people read about my life and they romanticize things. They see the dessert with the cherry on top; that is the beautiful and romantic, extraordinary aspects of my connection to Prince. But not the hardships. It’s beautiful, but hard. This isn’t a life to be envied. There is no empathy from others, except from those who also experience the twin flame phenomenon. I don’t often talk about hardships in public because, well frankly, it’s not anybody’s business. It involves private matter that are not to be discussed publicly. I keep things on this blog as positive as possible. I’m not about ranting about the things going on in the background with Prince’s estate.

From time to time, I receive crazy emails from people attempting to undermine my connection with him. This stuff doesn’t phase me. I was forewarned of such things well in advance. If you write me and I don’t respond, it is not that I didn’t notice. It’s my polite way of saying, “Thanks, but no thanks”. Nothing gets past us. If you think you can pull one over me, you are forgetting who’s twin I am. In that case, you don’t know Prince at all. Anyone who tries to play Prince, is playing themselves. You don’t realize, you disrespecting me is the same as disrespecting him. He knows about the emails before I even read them, if at all.

There are a ton of people claiming to channel and communicate with Prince. I have said it before and I will say it again. The majority of them are fake. They re either doing these celebrity readings for attention, or they are truly delusional in a fantasy of their own making. Prince does not go around wandering over to talk to people he does not have a connection to. I learned early on, not to listen to any of this kind of thing. I only trust other mediums that I personally know. I screen everything very carefully. I don’t listen to other people’s readings for several reasons. Even if someone is for real, I will still catch their mistakes, their misinterpretations. Second, I wish to keep my connection to him as pure as possible. I do not need a third party to speak to him.

There are a ton of documentaries, books, and article about him. While it’s interesting for research, I don’t need to “know” everything about him that is publicly written or spoken of about him. People think they know him, but they don’t really. People assume a lot and speculate. I know him privately. I know the private Prince.

For me, everything about this blog and my work is about our mission. That’s all.

Image above: “Shark in the water” by Prince in spirit.

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