I have a backlog of EVPs that I would like to share, but I feel that this matter  is more pressing to tell you. I was reflecting on how people are seeking out spiritual experiences and falling into evil traps. I have had many wonderful spiritual, psych experiences but I keep hearing these testimonials from people about denouncing their psychic gifts and converting to fundamentalist Chsirtianity. I really could not understand the discrepancy in experiences. I started to contemplate the matters. Was I being deceived if I was having these experiences? No. I always felt closer to God the more I had these experiences, they brought me closer to Jesus, and knowing that he is real. Then I realized the difference. I never sought out these expereicnes to begin with, I was seeking the Truth, and when these expereicnes did occur, I sought God to guide me. Once when I heard horrible demonic voices in my head at night, I spoke the name of Jesus Christ and rebuked them. They fled. Even in my dreams when I was attacked, I called out to Jesus. The difference is, I sought God, not spiritual experiences. Because I sought God, I was protected and guided.

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People who do not see God, who seek only to have experiences for whatever reason; money, love, power, spirituality. In their quest, they may encounter demonic beings that dress themselves as angels who misguide them. They do not test these spirits as I have explained in this post. They believe what they are told. And only until these beings turn on them, do they realize the deceit.

I wrote this on my Facebook page, and because I think it is so important, I am posting it here as well:

Seek God, not spiritual experiences. The experiences come after u connect with God.

I think so many people feel lost and confused, so they seek to have spiritual experiences through meditation, astral projection, psychics, oracle cards, etc, in hopes of answers. These things put a barrier between u and God, when u stop seeking God and seek these things instead of him. When u start to think u have power, u no longer seek him and that is where u can fall into a very dark path of being deceived.

If u ever get lost, ask God, he will answer.

After I wrote this, I heard from P, reminding me of the lyrics from Anna Stesia. I think it is such an amazing song, but maybe some people don’t quite get i fully, what the message is. So I am going to break it down for you.

Anna Stesia
by Prince

Have U ever been so lonely
That U felt like U were the
Only one in this world?

Have U ever wanted 2 play
With someone so much U’d take
Any one boy or girl?

In these verses, he is expressing the feeling of loneliness and desire for connection with others. So lonely that it didn’t matter to him who it was, boy or girl, even from someplace else. The next few lines demonstrate that he is not talking about having connections with people on this Earth, but of another dimension.

Anna Stesia come 2 me
Talk 2 me, ravish me
Liberate my mind
Tell me what U think of me
Praise me, craze me
Out this space and time

He is calling on this female person to have a spiritual experience with. The lines, “Out this space and time” indicates that this female he is talking to is from a spiritual experience, not one of ordinary everyday circumstances. he wants to leave this dimension in search of something.

Between white and black, night and day
Black night seemed like the only way…
So I danced

Music late, nothing great (Music late, nothing great)
No way 2 differentiate (No way 2 differentiate)
I took a chance

It occurred to me that these lines are speaking of an out of body or astral projection type experience. The astral realm can look very close to the one we have in the physical. The words, “No way to differentiate” indicates that he could not tell where he was exactly, what was going on, so he continued, this is implied by the line, “So I danced”. He took a chance on doing this and being where he was at.

Gregory looks just like a ghost
And then a beautiful girl the most
Wets her lips 2 say

“We could live 4 a little while
If U could just learn 2 smile
U and I could fly away, fly away.”

The line about Gregory tells you that he is talking about an astral realm, not the physical. Then a girl appears and talks about flying away. Most people having astral projection experiences talk about flying.

Anna Stesia come 2 me
Talk 2 me, ravish me
Liberate my mind
Tell me what U think of me
Praise me, craze me
Out this space and time

Maybe, maybe, maybe I could learn 2 love
I mean the right way, I mean the only way
Perhaps U could show me, baby (show me, baby)

Anna Stesia come 2 me
Talk 2 me, ravish me
Liberate my mind

He calls in this girl, as he feels lonely and wants to forget about the physical world. In the lines, he is talking about feeling lost and desiring direction on how to love, how to be connected with people. Maybe this female person can show him? But then in the following lines, he has a realization…

Maybe, maybe, maybe I could learn 2 love
If I was just closer 2 somethin’ (closer)
Closer 2 your higher self
I don’t know
Closer 2 heaven (Maybe) closer 2 God (closer to God)

His line of thinking was, maybe he had to get closer to something in his quest. His higher self? He didn’t really find anything there. The “higher self” can also be referred to as the inner self, the inner voice that you hear inside, your intuition. Maybe he can find it by seeking heaven? That is getting closer. To God? Yes, he realizes that God its the answer.

Save me Jesus, I’ve been a fool
How could I forget that U are the rule
U are my God, I am Your child
From now on, 4 U I shall be wild
I shall be quick I shall be strong
I’ll tell Your story, no matter how long (no matter how… no matter)

He had the realization that he was foolish in seeking out spiritual experiences to find his way to love. He realizes that he needs God and Jesus. The word “wild” is a Biblical symbolic reference to being in the wilderness, as the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt, and surviving it through their connection with God. He vows to tell everyone about God for the rest of his life. Which he did.

We’re just a play in Your master plan
Now, my Lord I understand

(I understand)

He is saying here that we are all God’s children and we are pieces in his master plan. Now that he understands, he want to follow’s God’s will for him.

Love is God, God is love
Girls and boys love God above
[repeated over chorus]

He uses the words “girl” and “boy” to signify that we are God’s children. If we want to experience love then we must connect to God, for there is no greater love than that. “God is love” is a Biblical reference (1 John 4:8 and 16). He connects the idea that “Love is God”, so he flips the words. If you are searching for love, seek God.

It also occurred to me that the title Anna Stesia is a play on words, creating a character  name from the word “anesthesia”, which is defined as is a state of controlled, temporary loss of sensation or awareness.

I really love this track, if you want to hear it, it is on the LoveSexy album. Surprisingly, this album did not do as well as his previous albums at the time. Prince was so excited about this album, it was suggested that perhaps, in addition to the album cover, the “religious” theme aspect perceived by the public held back its commercial success.

Here is a live version found on YouTube:

Image above: “Roses” by Andrea Mai.

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