I’ve only ever watched part of The Matrix once when it was on TV, and so I never saw the opening scene where Trinity is leaping across rooftops. A few nights ago, I watched a clip of the opening scene and suddenly I knew what Prince was inspired by for his Chocolate Box music video. He was a big Matrix fan. The next night, I was in the car with my Dad, pulling up to the drive way and there we saw a bunny rabbit in our front yard, which is a rather unusual sight, as I have never heard of rabbits wandering in our neighbourhood. I wondered if it meant anything, and then I recalled the rabbit as a symbol in the Matrix. Falling down the rabbit hole….

I have written about the Mandela Effect before and how even one of Prince’s songs proves that the Lord’s Prayer has mysteriosly changed. I recently watched an episode of Little Britain, a British comedy series I’d come to know and love while living in England.  It was the one where George Michael was a guest on it, he was to visit the wheelchair character Andy for his birthday. But the guys in the sketch kept saying George Michaels. I kept re-watching it to make sure I was hearing it correctly. And then I was awe struck, I do remember it as George Michaels. But when did it shift to being George Michael?

And then I remembered something else. I had watched a documentary on Prince and I remembered the narrator calling him Prince Roger Nelson. I kind of thought it was odd, that perhaps he was mistaken in his narration (see video below at 3:52), and that they never fixed it. He was named after his fathers band, the Prince Rogers Trio. Did they decide to drop the ‘S’ when they named him?

I know that it’s Prince Rogers Nelson because I even remember having to double check it for myself when I was writing my blog bio. I went online to look for a copy of his birth certificate. And it says Prince Roger Nelson on his brith certificate.

And I saw a copy of his marriage certificate, and it says Prince Rogers Nelson. His signature is with a ‘S’. And when I type Prince Roger Nelson in my search bar, a post on Wikipedia comes up with both versions of the name… So which is it? Is this a Mandela Effect? I personally cannot say, as I only came to know him after his passing. But here is a strange thing to consider, way before all this, when I first started channeling Prince in drawings (realizing this amazing connection, we did a lot of drawings together), when I channeled him to write his name, he wrote it with a ‘S’. Tell me, Prince experts out there, is there any practical explanation for this? Or is this the Mandela Effect? And don;t you think think it’s kind of funny that Prince’s last name was Nelson and the Mandela Effect was named after Nelson Mandela?

Image above: “Prince Rogers Nelson” by Prince in spirit.

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