Something that keeps me wondering is what the other side of the veil is like. From what I could tell after observing the spirit world through EVP, what we have here is also over there. They can see what is going on over here. However, they have their own thing going on at the same time. It’s like their world is layered on top of ours. And so there is all kinds of things going on over there that we just have no idea about. (I should make a note here, that what I’m talking about is what’s on the other side of what’s here, not heaven)

Since the second covid lockdown, I haven’t gotten to go out much. I started recording some more at home, wearing the wrist recorder as I’m working around the house. Usually I prefer to record when I’m out, as that is how I’ve gotten most of the clearest EVPs. I don’t really expect the ones done at home to turn out as good, unless I have some background noise running. Here’s what I got recently. Someone said, “Hello”.

And then I found this really interesting clip of P saying “Drums”, and then you can hear this drumming layered over my footsteps on the floorboards. It makes me wonder, has he got a drum kit over there? Or is he composing something in his mind and somehow we are able to capture it?

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

It’s clear to me that they can see what’s in my world over here. One time I was recording in my room. At the time, I had some photographs I took in Sweden hanging on my wall. A visitor asked, “Where’s that cafe?” P replied, “In Sweden”.  This was recorded with background noise, it’s a little faint, but you can hear it if you listen carefully. They talk a bit fast.

On another occasion, I was recording in my room. Someone said, “That’s the piano couch”. I wonder what they mean by that. I do have a keyboard sitting on a box, stashed away under my clothing rack. Are they sitting on the keyboard? Or do they have a couch that looks like a piano over there?


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I also have some of my circle artwork on my walls. These voices said, “Grab a circle… jump here”. Spirit visitors always seem to enjoy looking at the artwork. They really seem to like the circles. I wonder if they can jump into the photos, like a scene from the movie, Mary Poppins.

There’s obviously some strange stuff over there that we just don’t understand here from our mortal human perspective. Some of it seems cartoon-like. Which is probably why some of the things don’t seem to make sense to us. Their behaviour and manner of speech is different from ours. And so, there are some incorrect assumptions made because of this misunderstanding. For instance, people have observed that EVP communication seem to be very short, spoken in very few words. People have assumed that it must mean that the effort to speak is very difficult, like shouting from distance, so they use fewer words. But I have observed that even among themselves they speak with few words to each other. They speak in a shorthand manner, like  couples who can read each other’s mind. My hypothesis is that communication occurs with more than just words. They are sharing through other means, such as thoughts and visions, sounds, and maybe even smells. They are telepathic, and so, words serve less of a function in communication. Sometimes I notice that they seem to be talking to themselves, like saying what they did or what they are about to do. Similar to our own self-talk.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 in 2020.

Image above: “Floating flowers” by Andrea Mai.

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