I’ve been looking through old recordings to see ow far back I can show evidence of EVP from Prince. It was the day when Prince’s passing was announced that I noticed an indescribable feeling of a spirit presence. It felt like someone was staring at me all the time, but I was alone, all by myself, or so I thought. I had no experience in such matters, so I simply had no idea what was taking place. As things unfolded, signs of his presence began to manifest. I decided that I had to seek help to find out what was going on. I needed a test to see if all this happening was really true, or just my imagination. This was when I sought the help of, Starla, a very gifted medium. Normally, I do not advise people to seek mediums because one may not know what the true source of their gifts are coming from. But Starla is a personal acquaintance of mine and I knew that I could trust her. The reading was recorded, and when I recently reviewed the recording, I found EVP hidden during the pauses of the reading. The quality of the EVP is not as great, as the recordings were never intended for this purpose. However, this is evidence for P really being there during the reading.

You are going to need to use headphones to hear this properly. The quality is subtle, but evident. The clips are repeated on loop.

Here, Prince says, “I am Prince Rogers Nelson” The “Nelson” part is blown out, so you can’t really hear it, but you can hear “Prince Rogers ” though it is broken .

In this clip, he says, “You’re my twin soul”. I am quite sure that he was trying to convey this concept of twin sous to Starla, but she did not understand, or have the words to explain it to me. It was later that in my automatic drawings with P, that he wrote this term “twin soul” to me, and I had never heard of it before. He explained it to me as, two halves of one soul, having been created as a pair.

Here, he says “I’m really here with you”.

If you’re never heard the Starla reading, here it is. In order to protect personal privacy, it is only excerpts of the reading. The voices are distorted to protect the privacy of the medium (at her request). The medium was not aware of whom I was inquiring of, and assumed that it was of a living person. You will see that she finds out on her own, who it was, that it was Prince.

Twin souls remain to be a highly misunderstood subject, mainly due to the corruption of twin soul information. This is why I have made the effort to provide evidence of my claims, something that I have seen nearly none of in discussions on the topic. My aim has been not only to show the existence of twin sons, to give proper information based on evidence, but also to provide proof of the after life. Prince had spoke publicly on his beliefs in the after life. It only makes sense that he still wishes to convey this message even after his passing. We feel that it is of utmost importance that humanity learn the truth about life after death, as knowing this will change the course of one’s life for the betterment of all.

All the recordings above took place on May 15, 2018.

Image above: “Butterfly” by Andrea Mai.

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