I am elated to share with you something really special that happened over the holidays. Prince’s mother visited us. I had no idea when it was happening, but I found out after I reviewed my EVP recording from the grocery store.

Most of these clips are pretty clear, but you may need to use headphones to hear these to its fullest. The clips are repeated on loop.

This is a store that we go into all the time, so the spirits in there are familiar with us and they don’t freak out that it’s Prince.

Mattie Della Shaw Baker, Prince’s mother, passed way in 2002, shown here with Prince.

The first clip I hear that really got my attention was Prince saying, “I love Mom”. I was a bit confused at first, because I was at the grocery sore with my mother at the time, why was he saying this?

I listened back a few seconds and heard him say, “Mu mama’s here!“. I thought, could this really be?

I kept listening, and I heard other spirits saying things like Prince’s mom is here, or asking if she was Prince’s mom. They were going nuts with excitement in there. In this clip, you’ll hear a voice say, “Wow”. Then another says, “Is that is mum here?”. Then another voice says, “Yes”.

Spirits were stopping to greet him and his mother. Here is her saying to them, “I visit them”.

As I was near the exit waiting for check out, P announced that we were leaving. Spirits came to say bye. Here is one voice that said, “Nice to meet you”.  You can also hear P in the background saying, “We;re going now”.

Here is P saying, “Matching hat”. I was not wearing a hat that day, so I assume his mother was wearing a hat, as was he.

Here is his mother saying to someone, “Bless you”.

Almost about to leave, it sounds like someone bumped into Prince, saying, “Sorry Prince”. Then you hear Prince’s voice going, “Do, do, do, do, do… this way”. It sounds quite cute. I think he was directing his mom which way we were turning to exit.

I asked P about his mom’s visit. He said she came over to our house, and he showed her my photography on the walls. And as shown above, she came with us when we walked to the store to buy bread for lunch. I am still stunned that this happened and really happy P got to see his mom for the holidays.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on December 28, 2018.

Image above: “Chamomile” by Andrea Mai.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.