Every once in a while, I will go over less recent recordings for the first time. I record more often than I can keep up with. On this occasion, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Prince’s mother was with us when I was shopping. It was around the holidays, last year. This recording pre-dates a previous recording where P’s mother was also with us.

I am quite stunned with how clear many of these clips are. You should be able to hear them without headphones, but sound quality can vary depending on what device you use. So if you want a better listening experience, use headphones. For reference, I use Beats headphones when I review clips. These clips are repeated on loop.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

Here is P saying, “My mother here”. This is so loud and clear, it’s undeniable!

Here some one says, “Prince’s mom here”. And then a mother voice says, “That’s his mommy”.

Here is P talking to someone, “Look my mom’s here”. We were in a store  that we frequent, so he often talks to people he knows there.

Someone commented, “His family”.

It sounded apparent that there were spirits there “selling” perfume”. This voice said, “New perfume”.

I heard P say he wanted to make a perfume for his mom. So maybe there was a perfumery there? I’ve noticed that you can go to the same location over and over, and there will be different situations happening every time. I presume that spirits like to play “pretend”, like play shop, or restaurant.  I heard sniffing. Then he said, “Smells like me, smells good”.

I heard sniffing on the recording. P was asking other people what they thought, someone said, “Smells good“.

It seemed that P was looking at something, he said, “Cashmere”. Then someone said, “That’s good, very nice”.

P then said, “I try it on“.

He said, “Look at me, I want that, please”.

It turned out he got a new hat. I heard someone tell him he looked stylish. Someone commented, “I love the hat”.

I ended up buying black liquorice. When I was waiting in line, he said, “Sweetie… Buy liquorice”.

Here is someone saying, “Everything is sparkly” . I think it was his mom saying that.

Sometimes, the other spirits can’t believe that it’s Prince right there in front of them, and they second guess it. Here someone said, “It’s really him”.

It really makes me happy to know that his mother visits, and that they have a nice time together. It’s even more special that I am able to capture a glimpse of it.

I asked P to makes these drawings for this post. I did them on an iPad Pro and Pencil, that I recently acquired. A wish come true. Now that we are drawing on a bigger screen, he adds more detail, color, and sometimes he adds a signature in the corner.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on December 2, 2018.

Image above: “Mom” by Prince in spirit.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.