Recently, I started experimenting with using radio as a source of white noise for my recordings done at home. Most of my better EVP results come from recording were done while going out.  I got some interesting results with the radio. I was manually turning the tuning dial rapidly.

I found these to have good volume. They are repeated on loop.

I found this clip with a voice asking, “Where’s heaven?”. I have come across on numerous occasions where P is being asked about how to get to heaven, or go home.

P replied to him, “You have to pray”. From my observations that I’ve heard on my EVPs, in other similar situations, something happens after they pray. I have heard on EVP, that they are going home, or that they talked to God. It’s been conveyed to me that souls that start praying, a light within them, will start glowing.

I’ve heard mediums typically tell spirits to “go into the light”. But I’ve only ever heard this used by P or angels as a forceful way to make someone leave. For a soul that is asking for help, he advises them to pray. After they pray, they get an answer almost immediately.

I feel it’s such a blessing to witness these things.

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I found some other interesting clips from different sessionsI did, trying out the radio.

“Don’t give up!” You can hear me in the background, turning the dial.

“Andrea.” This is spoken with a staccato rhythmic pattern, spacing out the syllables. An-dre-a. This is typical of them.

In this session, I had asked P if he had dinner yet, what he was going to have. I already knew what he was going to say. He said he didn’t have dinner yet, that he’s going to have “Spaghetti”.

With “Orange juice”. One of his favourite meal combinations.

On another occasion, he said he “Found a cooking book”. When I heard that, I wondered what book he meant. I only own one cook book, and it’s a Jamie Oliver one.

It looks like he found the Jamie Oliver book on my shelf, he said, “Jamie Oliver”.


I find it fascinating to observe about what they do on the other side. I’ve found out that they eat and sleep, and he’s able to rummage though my things to look at them. Sometimes he is able to help me find things.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3.

Image above: “Butterfly clouds” by Andrea Mai.

©2020 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.