I’ve come to realize that in recent times, I’ve been getting to meet my “star family”. Last week, Prince said to me, referring to a friend of mine, “She is your star sister”. Now, we all know that Prince loves to use flowery language lie Shakespeare to make a point, but as it turns out, he literally meant it.

In 2014, I met my friend, I’m going to call her Starla. I had joined an online internet marketing school and Starla answered one of my posts to the group forum. I had offered to do a practice coaching session intended for creatives. I got to know her a little bit through our sessions and I did her Numerology. Later she asked for help in selecting a stage name, and so I did. Little did I know back then, what a significance this would have.

It was around my birthday and she offered to do a tarot reading for me as a thank you. We did, and I discovered what an amazing gift she has for mediumship. In the reading, she told me that I would be invited to an unusual wedding. I would meet a man much older than me, who would be very interested in Numerology, but who would not appear to be. He wold be very spiritual, but also had to travel a lot for work. From this information she gave me, I felt that this person would be a musician. (This was Prince, but we had no idea it would be a meeting in spirit)

Not longer after that, I felt the need to change my name, or at lest to have a public name. I wanted to change my last name. I came up with Andrea Mai and used Numerology to help me decided. I felt a real resonance to the name, as it felt more feminine.

So fast forward to 2016, when Prince has shown up in spirit and I am questioning my sanity. I go to the one person I felt had real mediumship skills, but didn’t know that much about me and what was happening with me. She was really more like an acquaintance.  I go to Starla and she channels Prince to me. Hear the remarkable reading here.

Recently, I chatted with a friend about the Pleiades. He started asking more questions and I said I didn’t know much about it, just something about the Seven Sisters constellation. He came back to me telling me that there is a star called Maia, like Mai, in the Seven Sisters constellation. I was seriously astounded. I went to see for myself. I was in awe of such a discovery. Then I looked closer at the surrounding stars in the constellation and see that there is a star next to it that Starla has for a stage name. We had both, unconsciously chosen names from the stars, from which we felt we had come from. This is what Prince meant when he called us Star Sisters.

And the crazy thing sis, we both lived in Brighton at one time. Back in my mid-twenties, everyday on my way to work, I would walk past an art school in Brighton that Starla attend. I never met her back then, but we were unknowingly crossing paths. And if this was’t enough to blow your socks off with this wild synchronicity; near Brighton is a place called Seven Sisters. I had never gone, but many friends would tell me about it, that they go their for hikes on weekends.

It is in moments like these, that I realize that my life has been pre-destined and not totally in my control. Such bizarre details, you’d expect to come from a novel or a movie.

Image above: “Star Travel” by Prince in spirit.

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