I had heard on the radio that Prince had passed away. For unknown reasons, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know why it bothered me so much. I was never a fan. I didn’t now his music. I couldn’t help but be curious as to who this guy was. I went on to YouTube to watch just about every interview video of him. There wasn’t that many, since he didn’t like doing them. Still, I had to know more.

I am trained in Numerology and Astrology; both modalities are powerful  tools for understanding people. So of course I did his charts, and it confirmed everything I felt about who he was when I watched his videos. And yet still, something was pulling me to know him more. All that was left to look at was his music. His huge pile of music. Something told me to go listen to his most recent albums for some answers.

I was telling my best friend about a strange synchronicity between two of my ex-boyfriends. I just couldn’t shake it, why they would both say the same lines in the same situation. Both had once told me, just as they were about to kiss me, “It’s about time”. Strangely, on one of the Prince albums I downloaded, the lyrics said “It’s about time”. I couldn’t understand why or what this mean.t My friend suggested that I telepathically ask the higher self of one of the boyfriends. But instead, I ended up asking Prince. I asked, “What does this all mean?” I wasn’t expecting an answer. So I was shocked when I got one. He said, “It was a sign that we programmed in your subconscious, so that you would know when the time came.”

I felt him talking to me in his albums. I couldn’t shake the feeling. It felt like when you know that someone is in the room staring at you, even tough you don’t see them. The energy was palpable. Something led me to combine my astrology chart with Prince’s to see what was going on. Again, I was shocked. All I can say is that Iv’ve studied the charts of many, and I’ve never seen anything like this. What was going on? I started to feel crazy.

So I decided to ask for the help of a friend that is a powerful psychic medium. The strangest part was that this friend had once asked me to help her with changing her name using Numerology. She chose a stage name that was the same last name as what Prince gave to someone. I never knew it, nor did she until it was talked about in the news, hat it was Prince who created that name. This friend had also a Prince themed photo plastered on her profile page on Facebook. Something told me that she was the right person to ask abut what was going on. I made an appointment with her and she told me to write down the questions I wanted her to answer, but not to tell her anything.

At the reading, she told me what was going on with me personally with my work. I did not tell her anything about Prince. I only told her that I was enquiring about a man. She sensed everything about him. His masculinity, his romantic sensibility, his appearance, his character. She explained that we had this strong spiritual bond. The reading was coming to a close, and then she tells me that a spirit was present. She asked me, “Is it Prince?” She had seen him in concert many times and she recognized his energy. He was standing right there in the room, pacing back and forth. And then she went on to pass on messages he had for me, stressing the point that I wasn’t going crazy. Suddenly all I heard was tactic. And when I could hear my friend again, she told me that she heard a creak from her brand new floors boards as though someone had just walked across them. Prince had left the room.

After the reading, I felt his energy. It was a heaviness on my chest. I felt his hurt, his anger at what happened to him, his disappointment, his heart break. It was early May, not long after my birthday. It felt like Spring was never going to come. It was so dark and cloudy all the time mind;s. I would see him in my mind’s eye, he was isolating himself in a dark room, pacing back and forth, unsettled, upset. I would see him resting in bed. A few says later as I was stirring a pot over the stove, I consoled him. I told him it was time to let go of what has happened. I told him I would help him, if there was anything I could do that was within my power. The next day, I was on a bus coming home, the sun had come out after the rain. And then I saw he had opened up a window and he was sitting there, reflecting. And suddenly, he jumped out of the window, and landed on a bed of clouds, and he floated. And I felt the heaviness on my chest lift.

Image above: “Self-portrait With Prince” by Andrea Mai.

©2016. Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.