When I was a child, my parents would take me to Disney World in Florida for holidays. The funny thing is, one of my favourite rides was the Haunted House. I remember the funny elevator where the paintings would shape shift and the room where a holographic image of a ghost would appear to be sitting on your lap when you looked in the mirror. I’v always had a fascination with ghosts, but it’s never been something I went looking for. I was intrigued when Prince showed up. He felt strangely familiar to me, even though we had never met in 3D life. I embraced the experience.

I think that often times, the media and the entertainment industry tends to paint the spirit world as something scary or negative. It’s usually the spooky ghost stories that garner attention. And then of course, there are those stories of demonic possession. Spirits are generally regarded as something to be afraid of, as is death itself.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the spirit world, most have been perpetuated by Hollywood and religion. While demons and jinn are a very real thing, most people don’t realize the existence of benevolent spirit beings that walk the Earth. They assume that all spirit entities are evil and forget that fact that they too, will eventually become a disembodied spirit upon the demise of their organic body. The character of your spirit stays exactly the same as you were when you were living.

Something that is rarely spoken of, in regards to twin flames is that your twin soul may not be incarnate with in your current life time, and the fact that they may return to you in spirit. This never gets talked about. And in fact, this is considered taboo. I think this may be the case because the information that’s been circulating on the Internet about twin flames has been proven to be untrue by my experiences. And that makes a lot of people very upset for whatever reason; if they realize (or deny) that their beliefs have been based on false premise, or that they’ve been trying to make money from the subject matter.

I know what some people think of my experiences. I am empathic, there’s no need for words to tell me  what people are thinking. Some would like to accuse myself and other twin soul experiencers as being possessed. Such accusers have no idea what possession looks like, nor do they have any understanding of the spirit world. Their only reference point is what they’ve seen in horror movies. Even Jean Cline, the co-author of Twin Souls Merging was accused of possession, when clearly her experiences showed o signs of possession. People don’t understand the twin soul phenomenon, so they would rather discredit it by calling it possession.

The reason I am writing this post is, rhe fact is, our planet is moving into higher dimensions, and this means that the veil between dimensions is getting thinner as we speak. Seeing into the fourth dimension is going to become very prevalent in the near future. You’re going to be seeing some very strange things in the times coming. And you may encounter all sorts of things from the spirit world. There is no need to freak out, but it will be important to know how to discern the benevolent from the malevolent as we go through these prophetic times.

When encountering a spirit, you must ask yourself, how does this experience make you feel? Does the entity feeling loving, hateful or tries to scare you? While a being of the dark force may disguise itself in light and attempt to portray itself as being benevolent (this is very important for psychic people), a negative being always has a hidden agenda as its reason for interacting with you. If you find it making requests of you, examine carefully if its request is something beneficial or harmful to humanity. And if there is any force or trickery involved, then you know it is malevolent, for its goals are self-serving and does not respect free will. To discern good from evil, all you need to do is to look at their intentions. It is no different then discerning the hearts of the living.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

It is very important to note that Prince came to me, and not any other way. Spirits go to the people they have a connection with, they don’t show up for some random interaction with strangers. You cannot summon a spirit to come to you. Because just like you and I, they have free will and may choose who they associate themselves with. If you attempt to channel or conjure a spirit, you may end up with a pretender playing a trick on you. Prince’s spirit presence is the most loving thing I’ve ever experienced. People who know me well in real life noticed a difference in my energy as being lighter and happier after Prince showed up.  There is no force or interference of free will. He respects me as an individual. Any kind of channeling done through automatic writing or drawing is really a collaboration between us.

Since the publishing of this post, I have come to discover more on the subject of discerning spirits. Please read this post.

Image above: “Good” by Prince in spirit.

©2017 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.