When I was a child sitting in the back seat of my parents’ car, watching the cars go by, every once in a while a limousine would go by, and I’d stare with great interest. I wondered who was in there. Somehow I knew that my significant other would be someone famous. I wanted to be famous, not because I wanted fame, but so that I could meet my other half.

Twin flames, though they may lead separate lives away from each other and never meet in person, just like biological twins, they will lead parallel lives through their innate twin connection. They feel what the other is feeling, though they might not be consciously aware of it. They develop similar habits, interests, display similar behaviours and similar reactions to things. It’s a bizarre feeling to discover your twin because you will look at them and feel as though you are looking at yourself. Twin flames will also share similar physical traits, though not necessarily identical. For instance, I always thought my natural gaze was weird. People would look into my eyes and ask what it is I’m looking at because of my upward looking Bambi eyes. Upon discovering that Prince is my twin, when I looked at his photos, I felt this strange feeling of looking at a mirror through another person. Prince was often known for his penetrating gaze and people would avoid looking into his eyes because it could feel awkward, like their soul was being read by him. I think he hid behind dark sunglasses for this reason, as do I.

As I was writing some of these blog posts and interpreting Prince’s song lyrics, I was intrigued by the reasons we were both born into Seventh Day Adventist families. I never really took to this religion, but went along to church and absorbed the teachings of the faith. It never resonated with me, but it gave me the kind of reference point that you would need to understand Prince’s work and other spiritual principles. My beliefs were always more along the lines of the Buddhist faith, but my understanding for different religions have allowed me to gain an understanding of universal truth.

Prince was a vegetarian. I don;t know why, but from an early age, I was drawn to the idea of being vegetarian. I was officially vegetarian after I finished university. However, I stopped after ten years because I noticed the detrimental effects it was taking on my health. I believe that Prince’s dietary choices contributed to the hip pain that he was experiencing that led to his drug dependency for pain relief. Everyone is shocked about his passing because of his healthy diet and lifestyle choices, but what they do not know is that vegan and vegetarian is not as healthy as it is promoted to be. This is another one of the misinformation that the dark forces disseminate to the general public.

I am not the sporty type. I do not like exercise. That is just the Taurus in me. But I’ve always had a fondness for basketball since I was a child. I don’t now why. Until in my research, I learned that Prince loved to play basketball.

I studied fashion design in university. I love making my own clothes. I did not end up becoming a fashion designer, but it’s something I love. For me, it’s been a way to express myself without having to say too much. I get the sense that it was the same for Prince too, a shy guy despite his loud wardrobe and stage antics. Fashion is a way for introverts to get attention without having to compete with the energy of extroverts. The majority of my wardrobe is custom made, right down to my underwear, as was Prince’s who had an entire wardrobe department working for him to bring his fashion ideas to life.

Prince had a perfume called 3121, named after his album. I had a range of perfumes that I crafted from essential oils with the intention to sell it. It never went to market, but I was really into at the time.

We both prefer quiet, remote places. He chose to live in the place he grew up, in Minnesota. Choosing to be away from the city, the prying eyes of Hollywood, not only because of privacy. But he felt that his surroundings affected his work. I’ve always lived where I do now except for when I took up residence in England for two years. I have chosen to stay where I am for the peace and quiet. People always ask when I will move to downtown Toronto and the truth is that I could never do that. The noise of the city streets would bother me too much. I also like my privacy.

We both share a great interest for the occult, hidden knowledge. Maybe because twins are ascended souls,  they know there is something greater. I was always interested in the paranormal and occult since high school. But it wasn’t something I shared with people. Neither did Prince. He would have hinted it in his music, but he never openly discussed his interest in it. He did it in such a way that only someone in the know would recognize it.

Sleep. It has never been easy for me to fall asleep at night. I would try, but couldn’t, that’s how I got into listening to a radio show at night about the paranormal. Prince was known for staying up all night working on his music. He couldn’t sleep either.

In summary, I wrote this post to show you how twin flames are really like twins. It is because of their psychic connection to each other. Just like how biological twins come from the same mother, twin flames are created as a pair from the same source. My other reason is to dispel some of the twin flame nonsense that is circulating on the internet. They talk about twin flames being the opposite of each other. Genuine twin flames are more alike than they are different. Their differences are more like the different sides of the same coin. Just like how biological twins are not common, neither are twin flames. Not everyone has a twin and that’s ok. It’s not something you can aspire to be. It just is.

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