In April of this year, Carver County Police released the files from their investigation into Prince’s death. I listened to the tape of the police interview of Larry Graham, one of Prince’s long time friends. I listened with my headphones and I could hear that there was EVP on the tape. Prince was there with some other spirits. The tape quality was noisy, but I could still make out some things. I could tell there was a conversation happening amounts themselves. And I found that P said my name on there. He also introduced himself as Prince Rogers Nelson to the others.

The following clips were taken from the recording from the police files released by Carver County. Some minor enhancements were made to make the audio clearer for listening. These clips are repeated on loop.

At 3:15 on the tape, my name is spoken, “Andrea Mai”. This was quite clear on the recording. You’ll hear a bit of Larry Graham’s voice overlapping.

At 8:40, Prince says, “I’m Prince Rogers Nelson”. Unfortunately, there is too much background noise on this, but you can still hear it because the words are distinct. You can try hearing it with headphones.

I heard a low voice ask him “How did you die?”. At 20:15, he says, “Overdose on pain killers”.

The quality of the recording was not great. There was a lot of shuffling noise going on. So unfortunately, what I could hear was not a lot.

The interview took place on May 4, 2016. P was still coping with the the aftermath of his passing. This was one day before my birthday and I was still trying to figure out what was going on with me feeling him. I’d like to point out that this goes to show that after a person’s passing, they are still dealing with things, and I find it disrespectful that supposed mediums try to get a hold on people (who are strangers to them), who have just passed, and want an “afterlife interview” with them for their YouTube channel (they are fraudsters). I think that the way death is depicted in movies and television, gives people the idea that people walk straight into a tunnel of light and they become enlightened instananeously, rather than the less appealing idea that they are coping with their emotions about what happened.

I have always said that EVP is happening all the time. It is just that we are not paying attention to this stuff, so people are not trained to recognize it. You don’t have to do anything special to capture EVP. The main problem is hearing it, this skill takes time to develop.

Image above: “Prince stuff” by Andrea Mai.

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