Not much new has happened since the last post. It’s been more of the same thing; staying at home, sewing masks, social distancing, etc. Stores that have its own external entrance have been allowed to open for a while already, but I only walked into my local Winners last week. When I did, I found it very empty, it looked like a going-out-of-business liquidation sale. I did not stay long, as being in there was giving me anxiety. People were not wearing masks, as it is not mandatory here. A few days ago, I was in a dollar store and there was a guy chatting away on his phone, telling whomever that he had gotten tested for covid, and was waiting for the results. I left after I heard that.

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I have been reviewing EVP that I recorded in the last month. What I found to be interesting, was the mention of “three angels”. I heard on some EVP in Iceland, that there were the presence of three angels with us.

I heard them mentioned again in some recent recordings. I tested these clips on my laptop speakers and they are audible, though they are better heard  on headphones. The clips are repeated on loop, so that you can get a good listen.

I was at the post office, when a sweet little voice said, “Three little angels”. Sorry, this clip is noisy because of the music in the background, but listen carefully and you’ll hear the sweet little voice speaking,

The lady at the counter handed me my receipt. There was a voice that said, “Receipt”.

I walked into the mall to get to the dollar store. It was very empty with the majority of stores closed. I waited in line to get to the dollar store. There were some small children running around. On the recording, I heard, “Your friend is here, Prince… Wanna play with us?“.

The line started moving. I got to the front and waited, because I thought it was only one in at a time. P said, “Andrea”.

Then someone said, “Go in”. After that, the lady at the door motioned to me that I was already allowed to go in.

When I came out of the shop, I was with my mom. I pulled out my bottle of alcohol to spritz my hands. But when I did that, the top flew off and landed in the food court area that was blocked off. I can’t see from a distance very well. My mom started helping me look for the cap. I told my mom is it was ok, that she didn’t have to search, I have more bottles at home. But she insisted on finding it. Someone in spirit said, “Right here”. She climbed under the tape, and found it on a chair.

We got in my mom’s car, and P said to someone, “Get out”. I have observed on many occasions, that spirits will get into people’s cars. I have heard P telling them to get out. I have a friend who has also observed on EVP, that there was a family of spirits hitching a ride in her car. Sometimes I wonder if this could be a possible cause for why some people experience road rage while driving, unknowingly being under the influence of spirits.

As  I went back to review some other recordings, I also noticed again, the mention of three angels. On May 29, I was caught in the rain. Luckily, I was still at the mall, and I waited underneath the mall entrance for the rain to clear up before walking home.

Someone said, “Look, there’s angels”.

Another said, “Three angels… Wow”.

From my repeated observations, based on the reactions of spirits, it does not seem that  the sight of angels is all that common. It is often pressured that everyone has a guardian angel, but if that were the case, then the sight of angels should be everywhere. It was only after I started doing EVP, that I discovered that there were some not nice spirits in my home. They were saying mean things to me, and even harassing P. I started praying to God for protection. It was after that, that I started noticing the mention of angels in my home, and angels that protected us during travel. I have since made it a regular practice to pray.

As I have said before, the angels told me not to pray to them, only to God. It was conveyed to me that they took orders from God. It is very common nowadays, to hear about people who do direct communication with angels. This practice is very suspect, as the kinds of things these “psychics” say, are very questionable. I would suspect that these are not angels at all, whom they are talking to.

Another thought is, I wonder if the sighting of angels is less, because in general, people don’t pray anymore. They don’t believe in God, or angels, or spirits. So then angels are not employed as often. It’s just a speculation. But I would urge everyone to pray for God’s protection. There is just so much going on in the spirit world that we do not understand, that could be affecting us. The only way to be safe is to ask for God’s protection.

It looks like this year, I will not have a lot of opportunity for landscape photography. I live in the suburbs and there is just not that much of interest here to photograph. It will be a long time before I would travel. However, when I do see something, I grab my camera. I have been doing a lot of still life and product photography. This year, the roses in my garden have been blooming like crazy.

©2020 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

I have been picking the petals and drying them for tea. I am also selling them in my Easy shop.

©2020 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

©2020 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on June 10, and May 29, 2020.

Image above: “Roses in my garden” by Andrea Mai.

©2020 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.