In my last post, I shared EVP from my trip to the park to photograph cherry blossoms. On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store. I was stunned by the things I heard on the recording. Actually, that whole  day was quite amazing.

After I was done at the grocery store and started walking home, just as I came to the last corner of the strip mall, for a very brief moment, I saw a male figure on a bike. It was so quick, and it  out of the corner of my eye. When I turned by head, there was no one there. I really started to doubt myself about what I saw. Did I see it? Or was it my mind playing tricks on me? I really felt someone was there, which is why I turned my head.

When I reviewed the recording, I was amazed to find out what was going on there at the strip mall, in the spirit world, that is.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

It turned out that the spirits were gathering to go biking together, and they were meeting at the strip mall. So what I saw was someone coming with his bike to meet the others.

I’d never seen a ghostly figure before. I’ve seen orbs and energy, I’ve even photographed P, but not seen them as a figure, with my physical eyes. I’ve talked to people who have seen ghosts all their life, and I’ve questioned them about their experiences. Sometimes words are lacking when describing these kinds of experiences. From what I could gather, what one sees can vary greatly. Some have seen variations of a full solid figure, transparent figure, or just a part of their body, full color or shadow figure, or what some would describe as an outline. There is no one uniform visual experience. The same person can see an assortment of these variations.

What I saw was a kind of foggy figure, I didn’t see much detail, but I saw it was a man on a bike that rode past me. The strip mall is not well lit, even during the day, because of its grey painted exterior and shaded roof along the sidewalk.

Here are the EVP clips that I got that tell the story about what was going on. Most clips are pretty clear, but for some you may need headphones. I use Beats headphones when I review my audio, so use headphones if you want to hear what I’m hearing. Sometimes subtle frequencies are lost on external speakers, and sound quality can vary depending what devices you are using to listen from. They are repeated on loop.

A voice called out saying, “Let’s go biking!”. Another said,, “You wanna?”.

A boy voice then said to P, “Everyone I know is here”. I assume he means all his friends over

Then he said, “My bike’s broken”.

P told him that he could fix it for him. The boy said, “I’ll bring it to you guys”.

The boy told his friends, “Please wait here, it is broken”. Some voices said, “Ohhhh… that’s ok”.

A girl voice responded, “We’ll wait for you, bring it over there”. The boy replies, “Ok”. This was recored inside the grocery store, so I guess she meant that they were all going to wait outside in the parking lot.

I left the store,  presumably the boy had brought his bike to P. Things seem to happen very quick; over there.  P said, “I see what’s wrong”.

P told him, “I’ll fix it”.

Just as I walked out the store, a voice spoke in Cantonese,  She said, “You really look like Prince”.

Another voice, also speaking in Cantonese said, “Saw Prince”.

Having let the strip mall and walking home, a voice said to Prince, “You were right”. P asked him what he meant by that. The boy said, “I have to pray”.

The sound quality from this part of the recording isn’t great. Here is how the conversation went.  I’ve observed that conversations between spirits tend to be very abbreviated. They usually only form partial sentences. I think maybe it could be because they can convey meaning in other ways that we don’t understand.

Boy:  You were right.
P: What are you talking about .
Body: I have to pray.
Boy: God.
Prince: You talk to God.
Boy: There is God.
P: Have to pray.

Here is a clip of the boy saying, “God”.

I feel really blessed to be a witness of all this, and to be able to share it with you. I’ve actually heard in another recording where Prince was fixing things for people. When I first heard this, I was like, “Whaaaa, there are broken things over there?”. People started lining up to ask him to fix something, and they came back with presents for him. I think because over there is an immaterial world, people can be incredibly kind and generous to each other. They don’t spare any expense to help each other.

I also found it so amazing that P is still spreading the word about God over there. He did it in life, and he still does it, ministering to other spirits who still don’t know that there is God. It is amazing to hear that this spirit came back to tell Prince how right he was about prayer. I’ve heard from the other  side that when people here pray, the spirits can see the people glowing. I can only imagine what an incredible sight that must be!

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on May 11, 2019.

Image above: “Bike in Annecy, France” by Andrea Mai.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.