Thoughts on technology…

Since my last post, where I spoke about crypto art. I have been immersed in crypto related news and developments. It’s funny, it’s like a whole new world has opened up, like a little pocket of reality that the general public hasn’t yet awoken to. I am excited for the possibilities. Some major changes are coming in the near future involving crypto and technology. These are industry disrupting advances, and I want to be on the ground floor as much as I can.

I was a young adult when social media emerged. I didn’t quite take it seriously at the time. Nobody did. And yet, we saw how the world changed. Those who adopted early saw gains and advancement for themselves. As someone who has seen technology come and go, I can tell you with confidence that it does not favours for anyone to hold onto the past. It is good to honour and respect the past, but when you resist the future, you are only making it harder for yourself to come to terms with the future.

After seven years of holding onto a 2012 MacBook Pro, in 2020, I upgraded to the new M1. People speculated if such a leap would be successful. What I can say is that I ain’t looking back. I do not miss the days of the spinning beach ball. I am more productive in my work. In my opinion, resisting technology that could genuinely befit you, is holding yourself back from opportunity.

Recently captured Electronic Voice Phenomenon…

I recently reviewed an EVP recording from last year in May. I had put the recorder on in my basement studio, went upstairs and ended up staying there longer than anticipated. While I was away, the recorder picked up the spirit voices there.

Here is a voice saying, “Nobody’s here”. I had gone upstairs, I guess the spirits left too. and someone came to find no one there. I find it kind of amusing.


This one says, “Hey, Prince speaking”. “Hey, Prince, how are you?” I am guessing someone called P on the phone. They sounds so cute, like old friends calling each other up. Sometimes I find that P’s voice sounds very young. I suppose it would make sense, as many mediums have said that spirits assume a younger appearance in spirit. For example, a dog would revert to being a puppy.

Do you find it strange that they would speak to each other on telephone in spirit? I found it a little shocking at first. I heard from spirit that Steve Jobs is still designing and making iPhones in the afterlife, and gifting his creations to others. It makes me wonder if some of our modern day inventions are ideas given to us inby spirit.

But is that really so crazy? I know that when I dream, I see technology. I have been inside of a self-driving vehicle. I have taken photos with a digital camera in my dreams. It would make sense that technology could carry on in the afterlife as well.

And what does this mean for the progress of communication with spirit? It was only because of the technology we have that we could find tangible proof of spirit’s existence. What evidence of spirit could we be capturing in the future? Alas, it could be technology that brings us back closer to spirituality in the end. It all comes back full circle.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on May 10, 2020.

Image above: “Pink nihgt” by Andrea Mai.

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