I don’t consider myself a twin flame expert, nor is this a twin flame blog, or even a Prince blog. I am a seeker of truth. I am writing about my experiences and sharing with you, my readers, what I do know. As opposed to the many who write about the subject matter, claiming expertise and have no real idea about twin souls. I really want to focus less on the subject matter for this blog. But as I see it, many are still confused about the matter. So I’d like to clear some things up.

As I would suspect, many searching for the twin flame subject are looking for answers about a relationship they have with someone. And somehow along the way, they come across the term, “twin flame”. They read about the so-called signs and begin to think that perhaps the person they have questions about, is their twin flame. Then it gets real messy, because so much of what is put forth on the Internet is false or misleading.

My advice is, if you are looking for your twin flame. Stop. You are wasting your time, because it is not something you can search for. If you are searching for it, it will not unfold.

Years ago, when I had questions about a particular person, I would inquire in readings. I asked an Akashic reader about who my twin flame is. This information was blocked by my guides. I later asked a psychic reader. She said her guides were slapping her hand, as this information was not to be revealed. It later came up in a reading about someone that I would meet. I did not ask about twin flames any more, or did I expect that the person described was my twin flame. Later I would realize that this reader was talking about Prince. However, things didn’t quite unfold exactly as described, though it matched what she said.

There is added confusion because of the assumption that everyone has a twin flame.s I do not operate on assumption or mere faith in spiritual maters. I seek evidence. And it is not evident to me that everyone has a twin fame. If it were, the subject matter should be common, and many people should be reporting very similar experiences to mine. It should be more common than reports of alien abduction cases.

I have also noticed that people are taking bits of what they read from my blog and applying it t their won situation. You cannot take bits and pieces here and there to conclude that someone is your twin flame. You must consider everything. It is the whole “package” that must be considered. All the evidence combined that paints the greater picture. You cannot assume that if someone looks similar to you that they are your twin flame, nor can you assume that having a magnetic pull feeling to someone is an indicator of being twin flames. Though these people might be significant to you do not assume. Physical similarities are not an indicator of twin flames, they are merely part of the “package”. People are naturally and instinctively attracted to people who look like their soul mate or twin soul.

Do not look at my and Prince’s astrology chart and try to apply it to yours. It is not how it works. I see people doing this, having no formal training in astrology, trying to prove their connection. There is no solid astrological aspects to work as an indicator. I have studded the charts of genuine cases. And I did find some co-relaions between them all. But I will never polish it because I know that this information will be abused. In addition, there is not yet sufficient evidence to such a thing is an indicator. Every twin flame couple’s charts has its own unique nuances between them. It takes a genuinely skilled reader to see this, not a computer generated report.

Another assumption that one might make is that their twin flame is incarnate in a physical body. Just because you are “alive”, does not mean your twin is. Some twins do not incarnate in the same time frame, life time, or at all. Some stay behind to watch over their twin. As is the case for myself, I had stayed behind to watch over P until he was 24 years old. Hence the large age difference. Your twin flame, if you have one incarnate, is likely not who you think it is, don’t waste your energy in searching for something that may not be there. Imagine my shock when Prince came to me in spirit and told me that we are twin souls. I never would have imagined such a thing. But I also realized how much energy I had wasted on a particular somebody. (And perhaps that is the ingenious plan of malevolent forces to mess with twin flames, to stop them from doing their intended mission, by distracting them with the wrong things)

Here is something else to consider. It is evident that Prince had been looking for his twin soul during his entire life. You see this in the music, the things he’s said. Although he did find me in spirit, (his light body visited me one night when he was still alive), he never found me in the real world. Rest assured, things unfold as they should in the “master plan”. Focus on living your greater purpose. If you are meant to come together, you will, through divine intervention. Searching only seems to cause unneeded misery and heartache, and you end up with the wrong person because you were blinded by the hope that you finally fond him or her, and you ignore red flags.

Image above: “My girl” by Prince in spirit.

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