From what I can tell, a spirit can go anywhere it chooses by thought alone; but what I wondered was, do they still take real modes of transportation from our reality? I know that Prince goes with me wherever I go, but what I wondered was, what about other spirits? 

On my recent trip to Europe, I recorded EVP while I was on the plane coming back and in the airport on arrival to Toronto Pearson International. Here are some of the most interesting EVP clips I found. You may need to use quality headphones to hear them properly. They are repeated on loop. 

When I was on the plane, other spirits noticed P, and they greeted him. Someone said, “Purple Rain”. 

I heard voices on the recording saying “Peanuts” several times, as though someone was passing out peanuts. This makes me wonder if there are spirits that play the role of stewards on the flight. I have often wondered if there are jobs in the afterlife. Though not to make a living like on this side, but like playing pretend for the joy of it. 

There was air turbulence during the flight. On the recording, someone was saying “Turbulence” as it was happening. 

 When we landed in the airport terminal, other spirits noticed P. Someone was out there telling others, “Prince was on this flight”. 

As we were going through customs, the airport workers were telling people where to go, telling them to scan their passport in the machines. I found that there were spirits going around saying things like “Passport, or “Scan this”. I wonder if these spirits “work” at the airport. In this clip someone says, “Passport… Thank you”. The funny part about this clip is that in between the words, there seems to be something that sounds like one of those heavy stamps that custom officers used to use on people’s passports. 

I was borrowing m mother’s suitcase, which is black and typical looking. I can’t see very well due to my visual impairment. So I didn’t recognize my suitcase because it was turned units back side. It would seem that my bag was going around the carousel many times before I realized it was my bag. I kept hearing P on the recording saying “That’s your bag”.

All these recordings were recorded using my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on May 31, 2018. 

Image above: “Purple Flight” by Andrea Mai. 

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.