On the morning of the last day in Reykjavik, my mother and I decided to take a walk in the nearby area around the hotel, have lunch, and then head to the airport with the group. We walked to the city hall, and ran into two people from our group. Somehow during the walk, I lost track of my mother, as I was busy taking photos. She was busy in conversation with the other people. Behind the city hall, there is a small lake with ducks and swans. There were walking paths along each side of thehe lake. I couldn’t see her, so I kept walking along the lake towards city hall.

There was still plenty of time, so I was not worried. I recorded EVP on my walk back to the hotel. I tested these clips on my laptop speakers The sound quality is quite good, but I would recommend headphones for a better listening experience. The clips are repeated on loop.

I walking along the lake, and someone said, “Welcome to Iceland“. It sounds like the swans were talking, but as I have explained in past posts, voices from the other side can take on the quality of sounds from our reality, as though it is being filtered through.

I heard P in conversation with someone, and he mentioned about knowing that I am his twin soul, because God showed him. This person replied that God was, “Angry with me”. And P replied, “God is love”.

She asked, “How do you know”. P said, “I pray to God”.

P explained to her about praying to God. He said, “You try to pray to God“.

She asked, “What do you do?”

P told her an example, “Dear God, can you help me”.

Presumably, something must have happened after she prayed, but it is not clear what exactly. I have heard spirits comment that they see a light glowing from people when they pray. Perhaps in spirit, it is easier to sense God in prayer, as they seem to notice something incredible after they pray. In this clip, someone said to her “God loves you”. And she said, “Thank you so much”.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

I had walked to this nearby church to photograph it from the outside. Standing outside its door, someone said, “Come have a seat”. Someone replied, “Thank you”.

Spirits were noticing P, and someone said, “It’s him, look”.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

P said to me, “We gotta go, hotel”.

Someone said, “Did you met him”. And another said, “That is Prince”.

Prince called out, “Angel” to ask about where my mother was.

I returned to the hotel, but my mother had not arrived yet. I waited in the lobby. I went outside to redo a quick photo of a scene that I had accidentally deleted from my camera, and when I came back, she was there.

I have heard so many times about spirits finally surrounding their resistance to God. I can no longer have any doubts about God’s existence. I know that my prayers get heard and answered. It is the most wonderful feeling to know God’s love.

May God bless you.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on September 29, 2019.

Image above: “Swans” by Andrea Mai.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.