It’s been so busy, that I forgot to post. Well, actually I knew, but couldn’t get around to doing it. I’ve been busy reviving my other website. For those of you who don’t know, I’m also a Numerology practitioner. I’ve been working with clients doing readings for the past three years. I’ve decided to make that area of business more passive, so that I can focus more on creating more art and writing. Readings do take a lot of energy from me as much as I enjoy doing them. There;s other work I need to explore.

I’m so excited to launch my new website, focusing on Life Purpose Numerology. It’s really taken Numerology to help me break free from my creativity rut and burn out. I used to be very attached to the results of my work, and it hurt me creatively. I now work intuitively, which gives me endless sources of inspiration and energy to do the work. I recently listened to a story from David Icke about the passing of Prince.  He said that he had the chance to meet him and he could sense the energy around him, how limitless he was. Prince embodied the music, which made him prolific in his work. I feel similarly about my photography work. The truth is everyone can tap into this energy if they are in tune with their intuition. Both creativity and intuition are one in the same. But as a society we try to make creativity something academic and rigid. We judge the work and the creator. And as creators, we judge ourselves accordingly.

Prince certainly fulfilled his Life Purpose in his lifetime. I would like to help anyone out there who wishes to follow their purpose. Part of being able to find and follow your purpose is knowing yourself really well, and understanding the complexities of who you are. I’ve created a series of reports, called Your Life Purpose Report to help you using the powerful tool of Numerology. If you’d like to explore this further, head on over to my other website (decorated with my photographs!).

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